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Corporate Culture Presentation

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Olivier Schoenmakers

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Corporate Culture Presentation

Corporate Culture Presentation
Olivier Schoenmakers, Nr. 2089618
Where am I currently having my internship?
General Information about Amicorp
First things first: Curaçao = (Local people / Latin - American influences + Dutch people / Westernized influences)
Corporate Culture
There is a sense of hierarchy but the power is very decentralized (Corporate Culture Slides 2015/16) in the organization
There are actually a couple of things to note on the degree of formalization in the rules for employees
Formalization of rules
Welcome to my presentation!
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What company?
What does Amicorp do?
Multiple business divisions:

- Company Management
- Trust & Fund Services
- Stock Exchange Services
- Estate Planning / Asset Protection
This is what I do!
In General:
Fiduciary Services
Which means: 2 COMPLETELY different cultures
"Local" Culture
"Dutch" Culture
Planning tasks is optional for locals, mostly the tasks gets done quicker when asked by a friend and there is only a "bigger" planning rather than small plannings per task
Very emotional and heartfelt conversations about family and personal life is a given. There is not a clear separation between social and professional context
However people have to get used to you, it's like a big family and you need to "prove" your trustworthiness with your attitude
Can easily be defined as a MULTI-ACTIVE (Hammerich, Lewis, Wiley & Sons - 2013) culture, I would say about 60% encapsulates the corporate culture because:
Can easily be defined as a LINEAR-ACTIVE culture (Hammerich, Lewis, Wiley & Sons - 2013) I would estimate that this encapsulates approximately 40% of the corporate culture because:
Conversations are rarely oriented around people but more about jobs that need to be done. When there is no clear deadline given, the western people can become somewhat impatient
Job-status is a big thing for the westerners. Interns tend to be looked down upon by "western" management
New tasks only get planned by the "western" managers once the old ones have been finished / dealt with
There is one managing director, Derk (my boss), who is supposed to be the director of the company. However, in practice there are about 5-6 individuals whom are actually in control of the daily activities in the Curaçao branch. Derk also discusses with these people before making decisions.
Deadlines and standards are set in place to ensure a certain degree of quality but in reality there is a whole different practice in place.
What happens most often is that:
Deadlines are bendable i.e. open for change
The standards usually aren't met but rather loosely interpreted by employees to create similar results
Curaçao practice is to take your time for everything however, this doesn't work in a multinational and is therefore not applicable which causes friction every now and then
There are some highly visible traits to employees that work at Amicorp
Relationship Organization VS Employees
Guided Missile + Incubator Culture
In conclusion...
The "local" employees are extremely proud of their job title. Outside of work, they view themselves as a superior towards other locals
There is a high sense of unique quality to the employees' work. There is a lot of difference in employees their documentation yet each one is very pleasing to the eye.
is key as there is an abundance of cooperation required to create a working end product at the end of the day. A lot of joint effort is required to create a product sufficient to the client's needs
Because of the nature of work, the tasks and daily activities make for a Guided Missile culture. Every day you work with a particular group until the work is complete, after which a new group is formed.
The work is task-oriented, cross-disciplinary and requires a high performance.
Yet the essence of the Curaçao company is an incubator culture.
People are very focused on personal relationships
Creativity in the work is very prevalant and a unique touch is given to each piece of work. i.e. every sales officer has a different solution to the problem
We can therefore conclude that the company culture of Amicorp Curaçao leans somewhere in between the form of a Guided Missile and an Incubator Culture (Trompenaars, Hampden-Turner, McGraw-Hill, 1997)
Thanks for watching!
General Information about Amicorp
Company Keywords
Centralization and Hierarchy
Formalization of Rules
Organization and Employee interactions
Table of Contents
Founded in 1992, Curaçao
One of the top ten trust companies in the world
Specialized in providing fiduciary services
Over 900+ specialists in over 40+ countries
Amicorp Curaçao is part of Amicorp Group which is a global organization. Amicorp strives to
stand out from the crowd
and hopes to achieve this
by providing excellent, high quality services based on professionals' expertise
There are a couple of things to summarize out of all of this.
In summary...
Predominantly "Local" Culture AKA Multi-Active culture
Highly decentralized, multiple directing forces in the daily management
High formalization yet low applicability, daily practice differs from set standards
Unique work and Teamwork are two things which are dominant in the Amicorp Curaçao branch.
Sources Used:
"Fish can't see water" (Hammerich, Lewis, Wiley & Sons) 2013
Powerpoint Slides Corporate Culture 2015/2016
"Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business" (Trompenaars, Hampden-Turner, McGraw-Hill) 1997
Processes are highly centralized yet tasks are extremely decentralized
Integrity and Honesty
Loyalty and Teamwork
Quality and Care
Respect and Equality
All these key values for Amicorp make for a dynamic environment where experienced professionals can cater to the customers' every needs and ensure an as optimal fit with the client's demands as possible
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