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The Industrial Food Chain

No description

Tori Awad

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of The Industrial Food Chain

The Industrial Food Chain
Farming Corn
I always pictured a farm as diverse and that had many animals, grains, fruits and vegetables...but that's not reality anymore!
Farming more Corn
The government and agribusinesses work together to process corn. The government keeps corn prices low to keep animal feed and food cheap.
Because of the corn in almost everything we eat, corn is being found in our DNA! Just like what the two friends from KingCorn tested
There is so much corn being grown that corn elevators are being overfilled!
When you go to McDonalds and buy a nice hamburger or barbeque a nice juicy piece of steak, do you think about how it lived?

Chicken are treated much the same way cows are. They are fed corn to be fattened up, and confined in feedlots. When chicken are being processed in factories to things like nuggets and chicken burgers, their beaks, feet and other parts of the chicken get caught into the mixture.
Corn, Corn and more Corn!
All these new inventions of corn allow farmers to grow more bushels and acres of corn and feed more people.
Hidden Corn
Do you recognize these foods and everyday products?
Humans are not the only ones being fed corn. Cows are too! A cow's body is not meant for the intake of corn, however, they are forced to eat it anyway, and as a cause, they get really sick. The feedlots they are put in is another factor in which their sickness continues. When cows get ill, they are given antibiotics
By: Victoria A.
I came into this class of Hospitality and Tourism to expand my knowledge and passion for cooking, not knowing the other half of the course awaited more in depth learning about what I would be cooking

So, turns out, there are a lot of hidden secrets behind what we eat and its connection to the industrial food chain!
Well...They are all made from some kind of corn!!!
So you might be asking how all this corn is hidden. The answers are all the long names you can barely pronounce at the back of your food labels.
modified starch
unmodified starch
glucose syrup
ascorbic acid
crystalline fructose
lactic acid
caramel color
xanthan gum
monosodium glumate
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
and MANY more!!
Now, Corn (and it's second partner in crime; soybeans) have taken over the farm and have 'endangered' farm diversity. Not only that, but agribusinesses have taken control of farmers as well!
Agribusiness are huge businesses at the heart of the food chain. They manufacture whole foods like corn on a large scale to process different foods and materials. Agribusiness companies get rich from growing corn off of farmers.
Supply and Demand
With all the need for processed food and a hungry nation of people, these businesses have evolved the inventions of hybrid and Genetically modified (GMO) corn seeds.
As mentioned in the book The Omnivore's Dilemma, hybrid corn is when the corn is cross bred where their 'parents' have different traits and the 'offspring' of the crop will be mixed. GMO corn is created in laboratories by adding genes from other plants to corn DNA that promises higher yields.
In addition, to help farmers grow their corn more efficiently, they are required to spray their crops with pesticides and herbicides to keep up with all the competition of growing corn
These chemicals get washed into the soil when it rains and it seeps into our lakes, oceans and eventually our drinking water!!
GMO, hybrid, natural, organic and other types of corn are all mixed together when they reach corn elevators. This is called '#2 corn labeling'. So you'll never know which types you will be eating!
These are two agribusinesses thought of as 'invisible' because they don't advertise to the public or sell direcly to consumers. They view corn as a commodity and not as food as Michael Pollen mentioned in his book.
How we think they are raised...
How they are really raised...
when the natural
cure is eating a grass diet. Cows lay in their own feces all day while in their feedlots where they are prone to more infection.
Most cows today are born to be eaten. They are fed corn to fatten up. With all this intake of corn it causes the cow's stomach to become more acidic, so when you eat it, it could be carrying traces of different diseases such as E-coli.
When they are ready to be made into our food, they are put on an assembly
line and chopped up with whatever
other meat is in the way. They also
cleanse the meat in ammonia to
kill any infections the meat might
possibly contain.
Our beef is living in bacteria that comes from these feedlots.
Although i have only talked about chicken and beef, other animals such as fish, and pork are also put on farms and fed corn
So what's the effect of all this corn and fast food?
3 out of 5 americains are overweight; one of every 5 is obese. This epidemic is dangerous because food is cheap and there's lots of it.
Diabetes is a result of all the high fructose corn syrup in sodas, candies and other junk food.
Major Food Corporations:
The following corporations are a few of the many that support the process of corn and the livestock that eat it, in their own foods and beverages.
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