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Genetically Modified Apples

No description

Brittany Feuerstein

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of Genetically Modified Apples

How the apples are modified
Silencing by RNA interference
How will someone be able to tell when an apple has gone bad??
Benefits of Anti-browning Apples
Not enough testing
What if health issues arise that could have been caught if the apples were tested more? What other issues could happen?
Proper labeling and market disruptions
Arctic Apples were not labeled that they are GMO. Instead, they are often labeled “non-browning,” which is similar to saying “GMO.” Or, it states just the brand because the company believes the public is aware of their reputation. However, the public is concerned about the lack of labeling.
Genetically Modified Apples
Polyphenol Oxidase
The same enzyme that makes coffee, tea, and cocoa look brown
Interacts with oxygen to create a reaction
RNAi Insertion
4 genes inserted to block production of PPO
Adding more of the same gene causes it to not be used
Why GM Apples?
Modified to reduce superficial browning
Waste Management
Fewer apples will be thrown away by producers,
vendors, and consumers
Akash Ahuja
Brittany Feuerstein
Faith McKinley
Joe Bandy

Reduced use of Anti-Browning Chemicals
Companies could reduce sulfate use, save money, and adhere to FDA recommendations
Fuji, Granny, and Golden
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Concerned with decreased PPO production
Despite this concern, the Arctic Apples company spent 15 years testing the apples before putting them on the market.
The US Apple Association said genetically modified apples may cause severe market disruptions, particularly in apple export markets selling non-GMO.
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