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Lady Gaga

Talking 'bout my idols!

Jose Telephone

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Talking about my idol Stefani Joanne Angelina
Germanotta was born on 28th March, 1986.
Her mother is called Cynthia Bisett and her father is called Joe Germanotta. she lived in the Upper East Side, and went to the Convent of the Sacret Heart. Some celebrities as Nicki Hilton were in that college. She always wanted to be a star. As we said before, she always wanted to be a star. So she started playing the piano since 4 and she also started singing.
She also was at theatre in school and participated in every role plays. But she never had the first character. Teachers said her voice was too 'pop' and her hair was brown..
So she decided to move to the Lower East Side when she was 17. Born This Way single was the most quick selling ever in the history of music. Then Judas and The Edge Of Glory came, and were at the 1st position in the most important music charts.
Jamey, a 14 year old little monster from New York, commited suicide cause he was gay and bullied. So GAGA made the Born This Way Foundation against bullying, and important people as Obama worked with her. She went to Harvard's and made an awesome speech about bullying and her foundation.
Then, she started The Born This Way Ball Tour. Tomorrow, she's coming to Barcelona. She twitted "new ink new album" and showed us her new tattoo in her arm. The tattoo was the name of her new album "ARTPOP". She also posted it in her own social network for fans: www.littlemonsters.com
New era is coming. We're still waiting for ARTPOP.
Madonna told her about making a duet but she said no. MTV says Gaga is the new queen of pop. Madonna also tryied to take one of Gaga's dancers to her tour, but he said he was true to Mother Monster. She made a music band called Stefani Germanotta band. She performed every friday at the Bitter Ends in New York. She also was working in a bar, and she also was a gogo dancer. She had a bad time with drugs as cocaine, but her father told her to stop snorting and she did it. One day, while she was performing, a producer called Rob Fusari saw her. They fell inlove and started a relationship. Rob called Island Def Jam records and tried to make her start a career as a singer. They never called her. She went to Hollywood, and left the Stefani Germanotta Band. One day, one famous designer called Nicola Formichetti saw her and gave her a chance to perform at the Hollywood Records building. Rob said she was awesome. She performed and started her career as Lady Gaga. People called her Lady Gaga cause she was "obsessed" with a Queen song called Radio GaGa.
She did her first single, called Just Dance, and performed it for the first time at the Bitter Ends on 26th July 2006. Her dreams came true. Her first single, Just Dance and Poker Face, that were on her first album called The Fame, sold 12 million copies in its first weeks and between 2008 and 2010. Poker Face became the most famous single selling 9,8 millions of copies in 2008, and Just Dance became the 4th best selling single in 2009. She started The Fame Ball, her first tour, and had a lot of exit.
Then, in 2010 she made another album called "The Fame Monster" that was an edited version of The Fame incluiding 8 new songs as "Telephone, Bad Romance and Alejandro" the three songs were the 1st in Billboard Top music.
Bad Romance is the most watched video on YouTube.
Then she started "The Monster Ball Tour", her 2nd Tour. This Tour was called the best selling tour ever, and the best one, better than Madonna or Michael Jackson. Her exit was increasing.
She sold all her tickets for the Madison Square Garden show in 27 seconds! She won 5 grammys.
She also won 11 VMA's, being the one who won most Vma's in the music history in one night. She screamed her new album name "BORN THIS WAY" The new revolution was coming. Last, but not least, we are going to talk about her
new perfume FAME.
Is the 2nd best selling perfume ever, the 1st is
Coco Channel. It smells like fruit. It's a black fluid.
You spray it and it's kinda black, but then it turns
to invisible when is in our skin.
She sold millions of FAME bottles in its 1st week.
She did some launches for the perfume.
The most important one was in NYC, at the last day
of the fashion week. Also Sephora shops did launches
here in Spain. I've been all the night sleeping in the
door of Sephora for being the 1st to have the perfume.
Finally, I was the 1st little monster in seville that bought
the perfume. There was a lot of monsters waiting around
Sierpes street.
Now we're gonna see FAME commercial video, and then i'll
show you my FAME bottle.
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