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Caesar's English Lessons 17 & 18

No description

Sierra Benton

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Caesar's English Lessons 17 & 18

self bio ten tangible lurid Caesar's English Lessons 17 & 18 auto dec adj., touchable archy government As in...monarchy, anarchy,
oligarchy life As in...biology, biography, biohazard As in...autograph, autobiography, automatic chron time As in...chronic, chronological, synchronize As in...
decathalon apprehension n., fear The student was stiff with apprehension as the teacher graded her test. superfluous adj., extra After Halloween, we have superfluous amounts of candy. The noun "water" is tangible; the noun "memory" is not. adj., sensational,
unnatural, vividly
shocking The tabloids report all of the lurid details of celebrities' lives. pervade verb, spread throughout After the tanker crashed, oil pervaded the ocean.
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