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Precise Editing

No description

Jeff R

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Precise Editing

with Adobe Premiere Pro Find & Cut Audio First Adjust Audio Editing Shots Graphics Select Tracks: click grey space on track
Right Click & Scale to Frame Size
Time Remapping - right click and "Speed/Duration"
Copy & "Paste Attributes" with Rt. Click
Relink Files - Right Click missing file in Bin
Project > Project Manager - to move projects

Choose soundtrack (if any) first--but avoid all copyrighted music (use CCmixter.org or other legal sources)
Pick a few "Sound Bites" - the best quotes or most interesting parts (3 - 5 seconds or so)
Put sound bites in order on the timeline
Use clips with good "Nats" in between different interviews or as a "hook" at the start
Raise quiet parts by Right clicking on PCs or "Control" & clicking on mac and selecting "Audio Gain" and "Normalize Max Peak to 0 db"
Fade audio where needed with Effects > Audio Transitions > Crossfade > Constant Gain (or another) - Drag & drop it onto the clip
Rt Click to edit audio further in Soundbooth Quickly skim your shots to find clips to match what was said in the soundbites (try scrubbing with the mouse & playhead)
Add B-roll where it matches soundbites
Also add B-roll between soundbites, where you will have "Voice Overs"
Mark In & Out Points before adding Lower Third graphics are on right side in Myriad Pro (normal) or Bold Condensed font
Logo needs 50% opacity & to fit on lower left half
Import with Command "I" or dragging to bin
Stretch Graphics / Photos by clicking edge
Cut in or Cross Dissolve transitions of graphics
Add name graphics at start of subjects 1st clip with enough time to read them
Avoiding Serif fonts & fine lines in graphics
Speed Tips Precise Editing
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