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Gods of Ancient Egypt

No description

Miss McNally

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Gods of Ancient Egypt

By Michael Hamilton
Gods of Ancient Egypt
He was the god of the dead and had a long white beard.

He wears a white crown surrounded by red feathers.

He holds the symbols of supreme power, the flail and crook.
He is the god of the desert storm and violence.

He has an animal head with a long curved pointed snout, slanting eyes, and square- tipped ears.

No one seams to know what the animal is.

It could be a lot of different animals like a pig, dog, or horse.
She was the great mother-goddess.

Her son Horus was the enemy of Seth.

Isis had a sun disk and horns like Hathor.

She was a great healer and magician and got her magical powers by tricking Ra.
He was the god of the sun.

He sailed across the heavens in a boat called 'Barque of Millions of Years'.

Ra would die and sail across the under world and the moon would come out.
Horus has a hawks head and wears the crown that makes him ruler of all Egypt.

He was the son of Osiris

Seth is Horus' enemy.

Horus looks a lot like Ra, but Ra is crowned with a sun disk.
Bastet was the proctress of cats.

The ancient Egyptians had a great respect for cats because they killed rats and mice.

When a cat died, the family whould shave their eye brows and morn it.
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