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how to reduce causalities from Earthquakes and Tsunamis

technological advances to reduce causalities from Earthquakes and Tsunamis

christina Bouche

on 30 April 2011

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Transcript of how to reduce causalities from Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Millions of families suffered because of their losses Earthquakes & Tsunamis have caused millions of people to die How can we ever prevent these catastrophes? How can we reduce the damages? Today we have answers for these questions. No need to worry!!! We will tell you about the technologies created to reduce the causalities of these hazards. Japan is one of the many countries affected by these catastrophes Japan is facing its greatest crisis since the second world war, its prime minister, Naoto Kan, warned as the country struggled for a third day to avert a nuclear disaster following the massive earthquake and tsunami.(Guardian.co.uk) Friday's march 11. 9.0 magnitude earthquake, upgraded from 8.9, is the worst in Japan's recorded history and the fifth strongest worldwide in the past century. It caused a tsunami 10 metres high in some places.(guardian.co.uk) The preventative technologies for tsunamis& earthquakes are:
-motion-sensor rigs
-flexible concrete
-construct earthquake proof bridges and houses
-GPS measurements
-Keep people from living near the beach
-Practice evacuation
-put new laws such as everyone should have a disaster kit.
- All law enforcement and fire department should be wholly informed of
situations specially realated to earthquakes and tsunamis
- Prevention research should be instilled We can provide all of these preventions for only $ 70 billions a year. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/03/13/world/asia/satellite-photos-japan-before-and-after-tsunami.html This presentation is brought to you by; Christina S. Bouche & Jasmine O. Woods. C&J
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