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My business Education Portfolio

No description

Damaris Brown

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of My business Education Portfolio

Verbal Communication
includes language (speaking and listening) or it can be written.
special language for a group
slang a talk used for a special group
Non-Verbal Communication
Communicating through body language ex. yawning, facial expressions
My Business Education Portfolio
Damaris Brown 2nd period

we talked about different type of languages like what type of languages people speak in their different types of groups ex. non verbal, verbal, jargon, and slang.
example, hey how are you

An entrepreneur is a person who owns a business
an employee is a person that works at a company or a business and they work for an entrepreneur.
making your products and services available to consumers the marketing mix includes the four Ps. product, place, and price
a company must decide where to sell and distribute a product
A company must choose what products for develop, update, and improve.
A company must determine what price it will change.
A company must decide how to advertise,promote, and publicize a product.
the system of recording and summarizing financial transactions and analyzing, verifying, and reporting the results
Who uses accounting?
Business,investors, creditors, IRS, and costomers
Key Terms
Assets- things you own
Liabilities- a dept or obligation (money owned)
Expenses- financial burdens,cost
Credit- the entry on the right side of an account
Balance Sheet- an official financial statement
Assets- debit balance
Liabilities-credit balance
Expense- debit balance
Revenue-credit balance
Balance sheet
An official financial statement that includes the companies assets and liabilities.
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