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LI Facebook & Twitter

No description

Gabriel Schaefer

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of LI Facebook & Twitter

How to grow, engage, and measure
success on Facebook and Twitter

Establishing Objectives
The Secret Sauce of
Facebook and Twitter Engagement
The Anatomy of an
Effective Post
Advertising and
Measuring Results
Build awareness for cause
Drive website traffic
Grow your email list, fundraising (caution)
Share news, announce events
Build a community, turn fans into activists
- Facebook & Twitter allow you to meet your constituents where they are at

- Your fans/followers know you by your posts
(not your account page)
Remember: Boring doesn't work
Facebook & Twitter Applications, Advanced Techniques
Facebook and Twitter
1. Discuss objectives, learn how to
effectively engage your fans/followers on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Cover fan/follower growth and advertising options.

4. Explore applications and advanced techniques for Facebook and Twitter.

Mercilessly pound the importance of mobile
Goals for this Presentation
- Do not bore audience, use any means necessary to keep their attention
Personal Goal for this Presentation
- Posts on Facebook should
inform, engage, invoke a
response, and activate your

- Newsfeed: Facebook's
personalized highway of
content for individual users

- Mobile dominance on the newsfeed
- Content, content, content

- Clean, concise, and
engaging tag lines

- Proper spacing

- Good picture selection

- A plea for

- Timing/frequency
Engaging Your Fans on Facebook
600k fans
What are your objectives for Facebook and Twitter?
- Facebook ads are based on a system of either automated or self-bidding for clicks and/or impressions with no $$ minimums or maximums

- You can run broad national campaigns or micro-target based on demographics and interests.

- Facebook ads allows you to grow your fan base, promote your content, engage in commerce, even send traffic to your website via external ads.

- Advertise with mobile in mind, only 20% of text can be on an advertisement image
Facebook Ads: The Basics
Engaging Your Fans/Followers
Engaging Your Fans on Facebook

External tools like goo.gl, Google Analytics,
and Sprout Social provide additional data
on Facebook engagement rates, social
patterns, and referral traffic information.
Measure Results Outside Facebook
Presentation: http://prezi.com/ptl_yy9dwiem
Follow me on Twitter: @scooterschaefer
America celebrates some great holidays - celebrate those holidays on Facebook & Twitter
The text on image Facebook posts can be edited
Schedule out all posts to give yourself a second look at the post
Engaging Facebook Posts
Engaging Tweets
: the best engagement posts invoke the
most emotional response
: 'people reached' is a key metric on
engagement posts for your ROI
: make your posts as personal as possible, Obama was the master at this
: give the people what they want, vary it up
a little bit, be cool enough to stray from politics
: if you want your fans to do
something, be direct, and make it easy
: Twitter is a great tool for responding to critics, because it's forces brevity
: video is expanding across all social platforms, including Twitter
: shedding light on a topic during a discussion makes for interesting tweets
: annouce and tag media appearances on twitter
Facebook & Twitter allow you to embed a pixel code on your website so that you can track conversions, gather user data, and re-target to users
Tracking Pixels
- Content/ideas/wit = gold
- 140 Characters = think concise
- Direct/indirect plea for interaction
- Timing/Frequency
- Learn Twitter Lingo
The Anatomy of an Effective Tweet
: use colorful language, but don't go overboard
with it, sarcasm can be hard to express

Also based on a system of bidding for clicks on links, retweets, hashtags, and promoted trends based on demographics and interests.
Can get $$$, especially for Cost Per Follow
Twitter can allow you to influence real-time political discussion.
Instagram video auto-plays on Facebook, Vine autoplays on Twitter
Social media tools like Hootsuite allow Twitter power users to curate content among their friends and followers using lists
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