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LI804 Looking at Retrieval Tools with a New Purpose

No description

Sarah Sutton

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of LI804 Looking at Retrieval Tools with a New Purpose

What We’re Looking for…
What is its purpose?
What kinds of information objects does it describe?
What are some of the characteristics that are unique to those objects?
Are those unique characteristics searchable?
Are there any characteristics that should be searchable but aren't?
Which of Svenonius's bibliographic objectives does it serve?

Looking at Retrieval Tools with a New Purpose
"Descriptions of archival collections that tend to be somewhat longer than typical catalog records, index entries, and citations to bibliographies" (Taylor & Joudrey, 2009, p.57).
Hi-Fairnessee Girls Club Records
Finding Aids
Hermitage Museum
Search Engines & Databases
LISTA: Library, Information Science, & Technology Abstracts
Education Abstracts
Dissertations & Theses Full Text
ERIC: Education Resources Information Center
Emerald Full Text
A subject bibliography that focuses on the resources available in a defined setting (Taylor & Joudrey, 2009, p. 43).
"A subject bibliography designed to lead the user through the process of researching a specific topic, or any topic in a given field or discipline, usually in a systematic, step-by-step way, making use of the best finding tools the library has to offer. Pathfinders may be printed or available online" (Reitz, 2012).
topical guide, research guide, subject guide
Library and Information Management Resources, http://libguides.emporia.edu/slim
Provide access to the analyzed contents of information resources (Taylor & Joudrey, 2009, p. 52).
"An alphabetically arranged list of headings...with page numbers to refer the reader to the point in the text at which information pertaining to the heading is found...Also refers to an open-end finding guide to" (Reitz, 2012) a set of information objects.
Library Literature & Information Science INDEX
"A published or unpublished guide, inventory, index, register, calendar, list, or other system for retrieving archival primary source materials that provides more detailed description of each item than is customary in a library catalog record" (Reitz, 2012).
In-class exercise
Divide into six groups. Each group will examine a different retrieval tool:
Group 1: Education Abstracts
Group 2: Dissertations & Theses Full Text
Group 3: LISTA
Group 4: ScienceDirect
Group 5: ERIC
Group 6: Emerald Full Text
Topics for Groups 2 - 6 are accessible through the WAW Library Web site under Databases.
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