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Flowers for Algernon

No description

Jean Grosche

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon

The Perfect Fit

ELA Teachers
Flowers for Algernon -- Argument
Body Paragraph
As far as reading level goes,
Flowers for Algernon
is right on target. It is a good fit because it equates to grade five in the ninth month of the school year. That means that at the beginning of sixth grade all students should be able to read the words. Is this text too easy? No, the ideas presented challenge students so fewer difficult words make it easier to spend more time thinking about the issues. Equally important, there are some challenging words such as vacuous, regression, and shrew. Middle school student want to be challenged, just not too much. In addition, middle school students love the phonetic spelling of many words. Figuring out the real words is fun. Daniel Keyes sure knows how to hook students!
Body Paragraph
The genre of this piece of literature is fiction in the form of a short story. A short story is perfect for the classroom because students can read it completely in three class periods. Additionally, middle school students love fiction. It allows the imagination to fly with possibilities of what might happen next. A brain operation for someone who is made fun of! What gets better than this? Furthermore, adding a poor, defenseless little animal to the story. This story is an ideal fit for the middle school student.
Response to Opposing Viewpoint
There are several themes running through Flowers for Algernon. Some people think the question of the morality of changing human intelligence is above the grasp of eleven to fourteen-year-olds. Some adults think that students that don't even know that this operation can't really be done are not ready for this serious topic. How will young people get smarter if they are not exposed to complex ideas? Although a theme of deciding what is the right thing to do for humanity is intimidating, it is exactly the type of issue that demands the attention of a young teenager. Without a doubt, this is an appropriate and relevant theme; the future will be determined by these readers.
Flowers for Algernon
is a must-read for every middle school student. The reading level is adequate, the genre is absorbing, and the theme is significant to the future of middle school students. This is a five-star, highly recommended story for all middle school students.
Keep in mind.....
A great argument is not determined by the number of words or paragraphs. It is judged by
strength of the viewpoint

authority of the content

clarity of organization
uniqueness of style

and the
depth of understanding

What would a thirteen-year-old be willing to do to be smart? Get brain surgery? Everyone wants to be smarter. Yes, everyone. Dumb people are victims or worse...lonely. Would
Flowers for Algernon
be good book for middle school students? No, it would be a great book!
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