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YOYO Store

No description

Kong Yang

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of YOYO Store

Cost of a YOYO
The cost of a YOYO is 1 for 2.99, 2 for 3.99, or 3 for 4.99 for plastic,1.00 more than plastic for wood and 2.00 more than plastic for glass.
What is it?
A YOYO is a toy that you can do lots of tricks and to show off and get the girls.
Are location is at 10mile are adders is 23412 and if you have any problems finding our store go to are website at www.YOYOStore.com
Contact Info
Are Phone number is 586 277 3456.
You can go to are facebook page at YOYO STORE.
The owner is Kong Pheng and co owner is Hunter
Are Email is YOYO@gmail.com

Are Quality
Are quality is better than other YOYO store and some are made out of metal, wood, plastic,and candy.

Our Warranty is if you break it or anything happens to it you can turn it in to get fix and it will be half the amount that you bought the YOYO.
our product is of course yoyos
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