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Contrived Experiences

Presentation for Educational Technology

Aubrey Madridejos

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Contrived Experiences

is edited version of direct experiences
design to simulate to real- life situation

Examples of
Contrived Experiences
Mock up
is a reproduction of a real thing in a small scale, or large scale or exact size - but made of synthetic materials.
is an arrangement of a real device or associated devices, displayed in such a way that representation of reality is created.
is any individual or item considered typical of group, class or whole.
may also include artifacts displayed in the museum, exhibits or preserved specimens in science.
and Game
need not to have a winner.
are played to win.
is a representation of a manageable real event in which the learner is an active participant engaged in learning behavior or in applying previously acquired skills or knowledge.
Mock up
Purpose of Games
1. To practice and/or refine knowledge/skill already acquired.
2. To identify gaps or weakness in knowledge or skills
3. To serve as a summation or review
4. To develop new relationships among concepts and principles
General purpose of stimulation and games
1. to develop changes
2. to help specific behaviors
3. to prepare participants for assuming new roles in the future
4. to help individuals understand their roles

5. to increase the students' ability to apply principles
6. to reduce complex problems or simulations to manageable elements
7. to illustrate roles that may affect one's life but that one may never assume

8. to motivate learners
9. to develop analytical processes
10. to sensitize individuals to another person's life role
Why do we make use of CONTRIVED EXPERIENCES?
1. overcome limitations of space and time
2. to "edit" reality for us to be able to focus on parts or a process of a system that we intend to study
3. to overcome difficulties of size
4. to understand the inaccessible
5. help the learners understand abstractions
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