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How To Read Literature Like A Professor: Chapter 1

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Robbie Schuhl

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of How To Read Literature Like A Professor: Chapter 1


Whenever a character goes somewhere in a book, it's almost always a quest. Sometimes quest might just look like a "...trip to a store for some white bread.", but is often much more.
Foster's Example
A quest consists of five things;
(a) A Quester.
(b) A place to go.
(c) A stated reason to go there.
(d) Challenges and trials en route.
(e) A real reason to go there.
A knight (Kip)
A dangerous road (German Shepherds)
A Holy Grail (Loaf of bread)
A dragon ('68 Cuda)
An evil knight (Tony)
A princess (Karen)
Key Points

The real reason for a quest is always self-development.
Every quest has almost the same structure.
The real reason for a quest is never stated.
Example: The Hunger Games
A Knight - Katniss
A Dangerous Road - The Arena
A Holy Grail - Living
A Dragon - Other Districts
An Evil Knight - Government
A Princess - Peeta
Foster's Example
A boy named Kip gets sent to the store by his Mom to get a loaf of bread. He has to ride his crappy old bike all the way to the store past some mean german shepherds. Along the way, he sees the girl he likes (Karen) talking to a guy he dislikes (Tony), talking next to Tony's '68 Baracuda. When Karen sees Kip on his crappy bike, she begins laughing, embarassing Kip.
How To Read Literature Like A Professor: Chapter 1 - Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It's Not)
What Makes a Quest?
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