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Young Professionals Program: 2012 Cohort

YPP Orientation - 09/19 2011 Francesco Addis, Antonieta Podesta

Francesco Addis

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Young Professionals Program: 2012 Cohort

Young ProfessionalS PROGRAM 2012 Cohort background 1st Cohort joined in 1963 1500 YPs over 50 years How It Works Competitive and Rigorous selection Process On the Job Training Integrity Rotations Two one-year rotational assignments
Coaching and Mentoring Demand and Supply Work Program
Your Contribution
Other Unit Bids Your Preferences Managers have To get to know you You want to know them Graduation YPP OFFICE Francesco Addis Antonieta Podesta Mevius Amparo Fiorucci Selection Process
Placement Process
Other - R&D ORIENTATION Individual Feedback October General Administration Office Manager
Office Space
Phone and VM
MY HR Performance Learning and Training LMS
Manager's approval
Training budget
Retreat - Spring 2012
BBLs - Open Floor Discussions
YPP Facilitates - YPs Organize/Propose Performance discussions every six months
Be proactive - ask feedback
Record formally and informally
Results Agreement and OPE Process Evaluation/OPE http://www.worldbank.org/ Changing the Training Policy ?
Last minute wasteful spend IN
Rosetta Stone Language Training A unique opportunity for a career and leadership in International Development Objectives
Hire and Integrate outstanding “Young Talents” in the World Bank
Outstanding defined by qualifications, experience and motivation
Potential for leadership
Hiring process highly selective, competitive and fair
Integration in the corporate culture through “subsidized” on-the-job experience - compounded by ad-hoc training and exposure Background
Young Professionals Program started in 1963
First multilateral organization to adopt a young talent management program
Many multilateral and public sector institution have now similar initiatives
More than 1,500 people recruited through the program Young Professionals Program Pipeline of fresh talent
Contribution to diversity – including background and experience - and leadership
Innovation in skills mix – with operational focus
Very strong brand – internal and external – based on integrity of the selection process
“Backbone” internal network influencing institutional evolution – for the good or for the bad
Extensive network outside the institution – mostly in the Development arena Results
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