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Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

No description

Bronwin Illing-Smith

on 4 July 2017

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Transcript of Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence
What is Emotional Intelligence?
What is so important about EI?
Rocks, Marshmallows & Tennis Balls
Firm Boundaries
Doesn't budge
An exercise in EI
Empowering Resilience
Messages that empower and teach resilience:
You can do it!
I have faith in you
I'll leave you to do it
You've done it before, you can do it again
Dust yourself off, give it another go
What has resilience?
AKA steps to being a better manager and drive performance
"We are not just smart by our training and expertise, but by how we handle ourselves and each other"

Daniel Goleman
Are you a Marshmallow, a Rock or a Tennis Ball?
Able to bounce back
Soft but firm
Solution focussed
Easily "squished"
No boundaries
Too helpful
Overly available
Can we learn it? If so, how?
Messages that slow down and stop resilience:
I'll do it for you
I haven't got time to show you
Don't even go there, it's too hard for you
You don't have what it takes
It's ok not to try
An exercise in Resilience
Tools you can use for building resilience:
Good planning
Getting information
Asking questions
Seeking help
Reflecting on past experience
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