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Parts of Speech

No description

Rebecca Davidson

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Parts of Speech

Noun Person Place Thing Parts of Speech Pronoun Replaces a noun his, mine, I, we, hers, they, us, ours, me Verb Shows an action or a state of being run, dance, jump, feel, is Adverb Describes a verb, adjective, or other adverb quickly, too, very, easily Adjective describes a noun or a pronoun blue, twelve, many, bright Conjunction connects words or groups of words and, but, or Interjection an exclamation that expresses a feeling of emotion yes, no, hey, wow Preposition a word that relates a noun or pronoun with another word in the sentence about
between Temperature varies with latitude, elevation, and season. They were posted for him every day. Rome had defeated the city-states. Table tennis is played on green tables. The male wolves hunt extremely well. We played before a crowd. Oh! What about baby sea otters? Seals prefer to eat fish or shellfish. Label the parts of speech.
Hey, those rainbows are an interesting sight.
They can be seen after a shower or near a waterfall.
The brightest rainbows show the spectrum colors with red on the outside.
When the sun is low in the sky, rainbows appear relatively high.
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