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African Impressions in Jazz: A focus on Rhythm and Community

A historical and visual presentation on African drumming, the people's community, and the fusion into Jazz culture.

Christopher Stanley

on 2 September 2011

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Transcript of African Impressions in Jazz: A focus on Rhythm and Community

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
West Africa
Jazz is a North American art form that contains deep roots through many cultures around the world (Mainly North America, Europe and Africa). This art came to fruition in the fusion of many coming together in one area. This epicenter is known to be New Orleans, Louisiana.

The African people arrived in North America through a business to be called the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.
This trade route connected distant countries across the Atlantic Ocean for many great purposes such as food and raw materials for construction. Some negative aspects of this trade route were materials used for war, alcohol consumption and of course slavery.
Over 40% of slaves came from West Africa. Some Countires included
Senagal, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast.
Djun Djun
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