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Advancing Backwards: Access, Equity, Affirmative Action, and Proposal 2

An exploration of affirmative action in public institutions and the effects of Proposal 2 on minority enrollment at public colleges and universities in Michigan.

Christopher Sell

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Advancing Backwards: Access, Equity, Affirmative Action, and Proposal 2

ADVANCING BACKWARDS: Access, equity, affirmative action, and proposal 2 What's the Impetus? Admissions counselors Higher Education Administrators Recruitment & Outreach 2 Questions The influence of State Amendments re:
affirmative action in Michigan higher
education on minority student enrollment? Has Proposal 2 affected minority student
enrollment at top-tier, elite insitutions? ~ and ~ Context The Road Map ~ Why this? ~ ~ Context ~ ~ My approach ~ ~ Results ~ ~ Implications ~ LBJ Speech @ Howard University
Commencement address (1965) Bakke v. University of california
board of regents (1978) Gratz v. bollinger (2003)
grutter v. bollinger (2003) Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (2006) aka Proposal 2 in michigan Ward Connerly Jennifer Gratz The Sample Seven institutions of public higher education
in the state of michigan Average ACt score: 30 Average ACt score: 24 Student enrollment: 47,000 Enrollment Data from 2003 - 2008 Emerging Themes Decreased Access to highly
selective institutions Increased access to less
elite institutions Other Themes International student presence The 2007 Rebound minority vs. overall Implications different focus on
outreach & recruitment Tracking elite student profiles:
staying in Michigan vs. going elsewhere Providing minority student access to top-tier institutions (Teranishi, Allen, & Solorzano, 2004) (Astin & Oseguera, 2004) References my approach
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