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Nike - Digital Marketing Presentation

No description

Ross Ellis

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Nike - Digital Marketing Presentation

Interesting things I would do with the digital marketing of Nike... "Nike has reduced spend on television and print advertisements by 40 per cent over the last three years while it's global marketing budget has steadily risen over the same period as the brand invests in more digital initiatives." (http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/sectors/sport/nike-takes-social-media-in-house/4005240.article) The Key Areas: * Idea for an App

* How it can link and integrate via Social media

* Retail/Online The App - "I am Cristiano" * Tailored towards a specific sport
(seperate apps for other sports e.g. Basketball "I am Kobe")

* Athlete records tutorial videos of skill set

* Customer records their own attempt and introduction video (allows nike to get better understanding of audience)

* Tournament/knock-out style competition - degree of difficulty increases with time

* Prize at end of tournament - brand loyalty Social Media - #IamCristiano *Upload your video to social media sites

Facebook - share with automated message (challenge)
Twitter - #hashtag #iamcristiano
You Tube - Best videos added, competition within competition

*Encourages competition and comment

*Keeps the user coming back

*Chance of Interaction with athlete Retail Online * Use of QR codes

* Interactive shopping experience

*Additional offers for the use of QR codes
e.g. free p&p, 10% off etc. Thanks for your time!
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