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Rida Siddiqui

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of HISTORY OF RC COLA.

It was a widely known drink all over the Pakistan since the time of its arrival in the sub-continent which was the 70’s having some what the same popularity like Coca-Cola and Pepsi today. Rc
cola is more then 100 years old.

Mr. Claud Hatcher, Established the Union Bottling Works in Columbus.
The first line of fruit flavored beverages was named Royal Crown and the first cola drinkwas called Chero-Cola.
Established a franchised system by licensing sales territories to its bottlers under trademarks of the now Chero-Cola Co.
Over 300 bottlers were part of the bottling network producing Chero-Cola.

The Company changes its name to The Nehi
Mr. Claud Hatcher died on December31st
Chero-Cola is reformulated and the new product is named Royal Crown Cola
The Nehi Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Company first uses results of blind taste
tests in the advertising campaign “Best by Taste Test”
Enhanced its advertising by using celebrities like Bing Crosby, and Hedy Lamarr
Company changes name for the third time to Royal Crown Cola Company
Royal Crown Cola Co. is acquired by Cadbury Schweppes
Royal Crown Cola International is acquired
by Cott Corporation.
Royal Crown Cola Co. commemorated its
100th Anniversary.

Why RC Cola Failed in Pakistan?
1. Poor attention given towards the
advertising campaigns.

2. Rc cola's bottle was not appealing and
especially its regular bottle that was so thin
that it seemed as if it had less quantity of soda

3. There is no problem with RC’s taste or price.
Survey Results
- 80% of consumers are able to recall RC as
a cola brand.
- 78% of the consumers think that it was due
to lack of advertising.
- 48%of the sample also said that advertising
plays a role in their buying habits
concerning soft drinks.
- 52% people want change in the taste of RC
- 56% of people are willing to try if it is
Competitor Analysis
One of the reasons why Rc cola failed was
because its competitors made a place in the market. The competitors of RC Cola are:
• Pepsi
• Coca cola
• Fanta
• Sprite

Marketing Mix
Rc cola is one the most popular
soda consumed by youth and adults alike.

Sizes Available:
175ml Mini bottle.
250 ml regular bottle.
500ml Bottle.
1000ml regular Liter bottle.
1500ml Disposable bottle.
3000ml Jumbo bottle.
Price –
The price of RC cola after its re-launched
has been kept after a lot of thought and
research. Following factors are kept in mind.
1. Price should be according type demand of
2. Price should give the maximum revenue
to the firm.
3. Price should'nt be too low or too high
than the competitor.

Jumbo - 80
1.5 Liters - 65
1 Liter - 40
500ml - 30
250ml - 20

Promotion is the main reason RC cola failure
in Pakistan. they didn’t make it well so
promotion strategies for re-launching must
be according to the market. Elements of
promotional mix on which company should
focus more are as follows.
1. Advertisement
2. Sales Promotion
3. Sponsorships
4. Direct marketing and personal selling

Sales Promotion
1. Company can distribute free samples of the RC Cola to the costumers so that they are made aware about the product with new packaging and taste.
2. Company should seek to introduce new offers such as “Buy a 2L jumbo size bottle and get 250ml for free”.
3. Company can introduce a lucky draw in which winner will get a car and runners up gets small prizes.
4. Company may put vending machines with their logo in schools, colleges and universities.
1- SMS will be send to customers taking data base for cellular companies.
2-Direct mail will be send to customers.
3-Online chat.
4- You can call customers for collecting data.

Direct Marketing
Well, according to our knowledge about marketing, we conclude that RC Cola failed in Pakistan because of its poor attention given towards the ad campaign. It is possible for them to rise again through the proper attention towards the advertising and the outlook of the product. It should be appealing and beautiful, it should be trendy.
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