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Copper (ii) Sulphate and Steel Wool

No description

Florence Parweez

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Copper (ii) Sulphate and Steel Wool

Fe + CuSO4 --> ?
As shown in the video we have a chemical change because the identity of the substance had changed. When they had added the steel wool to the copper sulfate solution the colour had changed from a dark silver colour to a reddish brownish colour. The steel wool became more brittle and became more dull and after a while you will also notice that the colour of the copper sulfate changes too, the colour goes from a blue to a light green colour. These too react to produce copper and iron (ii) sulfate.
Before Reaction
What are Physical Properties?
A physical property is a characteristic of a substance that can be observed and measured without changing the identity of the substance. There are quantitative physical properties and qualitative physical properties. Qualitative physical properties can be described but not measured. Quantitative physical properties can be measured and assigned a particular value.
Steel Wool
Physical Properties:

Color: dull grey
Odor: no odor
State: solid
Texture: soft yet abrasive
Luster: dull
Malleability: very bendable

Viscosity: high viscosity
Melting Point: 1535 degrees
Boiling Point: 2750 degrees
Solubility: not soluble in water
Hardness: ruff but squishy
Conductivity: fairly conductive
Density: 4.885 gm/cm3

Copper (ii) Sulphate and Steel Wool
What are Chemical Properties?
Copper (ii) Sulphate
Physical Properties:
Color: blue
Odor: no odor
State: Powder, liquid, crystal
Texture: smooth and rough depending on state
Luster: shiny when in solid state
Malleability: not bendable

Viscosity: unviscous
Melting Point: 110 degrees
Boiling Point: 150 degrees
Solubility: soluble in water
Hardness: hard when solid
Conductivity: fairly conductive
Density: 2.284 g/cm3 when in liquid state
Table Of Contents:
-What are physical properties?
-What are chemical properties?
-Steel Wool
-Copper (ii) Sulphate
-About the Video
-Before and after reaction

A chemical property is the ability of a substance to change or react, and to form new substances.
Chemical Properties:
Oxidation: yes
Combustibility: combustible
React with acid: yes
Flammability: flammable
Chemical Properties:
Oxidation: yes
Combustibility: not combustible
React with Acid: yes
Flammability: flammable
*Steel wool is used for cleaning wooden and glass surfaces,, rodent control and sometimes used as tinder in emergency situations.
*Copper (ii) sulphate is used as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
Fe + CuSo4 FeSo4 + Cu
After reaction chemical equation

After Reaction
In the presentation we will be mentioning the physical and chemical properties of copper (ii)sulfate and steel wool. We will show a little video of how they react with each other and how the chemical reaction looks. We will show the chemical equation before the reaction and after the reaction.This presentation will also include before and after pictures of the element and compound.
In the end of the experiment we find out that mixing steel wool and copper sulfate changes colour and after a period of time the steel wool will become a copper plated substance.

steel wool + copper sulfate Iron (ii) sulfate + copper
Florence. P
Madi. C
are the best!
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