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the five kingdoms

No description

yasmin hakeem

on 1 March 2012

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Transcript of the five kingdoms

THE Six KINGDOMS........................... the animal kingdom plant and animal cells are similar exept for some vital parts
(animal cells do not have a cell wall) the six kingdoms are ...... the animal kingdom can move cannot make their own food eat other animals or plants and more the fungi kingdom fungi cells how fungi (or any plant) cells are built fungi cannot move they suck the remaining nurtiants out of dead animals or plants they include mold,yeast,and bread now for the plant kingdom the plant kingdom cannot move they use photosynstheses they include Chloroplast
( Humans don't have Chloroplast time for the protists kingdom some protists can move they make their own food they include chloroplast the... monera kingdom they make their own food some can move they have Chloroplast the end Bacteria kindom(s) there are two types of bacteria
the Archeobacteria Kingdom the Acheobacteria Kingdom is a group of single-celled microorganisms. A single individual or species from this domain is called an archaeon and sometimes are spelled "archeon". They have no cell nucleus or any other membrane-bound organelles within their cells. The Eubacteria Kingdom The Eubacteria Kingdom is a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls, some types have flagella
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