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6. Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School Leaders

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kristie joyce hangad

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of 6. Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School Leaders

1. Delivery of Instruction
4. Time Table
3.) Evaluation System
Each learner will be given feedback in the form of qualitative narratives by the tutors for their outputs. They will also receive a rating for each major requirement and for their participation in the discussion group.
2. Learning Modality
6. Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School Leadership and Management-DepEd eXCELS
Special Features of the Innovation
1. Delivery Instruction
2. Learning Modality
3. Evaluation System
4. Time table
The learning modules are instructionally designed to be interactive and to incorporate the four A’s of adult learning:
(Activity, Analysis, Abstraction and Application).
Students' requirements:
Each student is required to submit
assignments, reflection paper and action plan
either in hard or soft copies to the tutor for evaluation. The three requirements make the learning portfolio which the tutor will evaluate, give feedback on they become the basis for the learners’ rating.
Rating Equivalent:
A= 3 Excellent B = 2 Pass C = 1
ICeXCELS (Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School Leadership for South East Asia) is a short course package of SEAMEO INNOTECH for elementary and secondary administrators on developing instructional and development leadership.
It addresses the need to develop and strengthen the school head’s role as an instructional leader in promoting or improving the quality of teaching and learning in his/her school.
The course was based on a Competency Framework for Southeast Asian School Heads which SEAMEO INNOTECH developed and validated with the Ministries of Education from ten SEAMEO member states.
The framework consists of general and enabling sub-competencies that describe what school heads are expected to do and improve on to make them more successful on performing their work.
Delivery of Instruction
Teaching in the eXCELS is primarily delivered through print self-instructional modules augmented by the use of interactive tools such as chat, discussion forums and mail, among other learning support system.
Delivery of Instruction
To facilitate the use of the chat, discussion forums and other communication features, learners should have valid email address.
Each module is made up of the components:
 Pre-organizers and advanced organizers
 Module pre-test
 Module post-test
 Pre/postself-rating competency checklist
 Interactive learning methodologies
 Lesson review tests
 Practical exercises and feedback on the tests
 A module assignment
 Glossary of terms
 List of references and suggested additional reading and links
2. Learning Modality
After the students get their learning package, they can immediately study at their own pace and time. Learners should be able to manage their time such that they will finish one module in two weeks and two modules in four weeks.
2. Learning Modality
During the period, the students should study the printed modules and check on the Discussion Forum on-line in the iFLEX. Learners and tutors should interact among themselves
Deficient Learners who successfully complete the course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion by SEAMEO INNOTECH and academic credits from partner training institutions.
iFLEX DepEd eXCELS is an example of distance education and e-learning. The use technology alone or in combination of other delivery system has been the “in” thing in educational innovation. This development has made education very accessible to all. It has also conquered the barriers of distance, space and time in education. The UP Open University also embarked in various distance education programs as well. It is popularly known as the UPOU Curricular Programs.
4. Time Table
The duration of time expected of all learners to finish the course is 50 hours which is equivalent to a 3 unit course. The time spent includes self-study of the module, participation in the on-line discussion, preparation and submission of the module activities which are the contents of learning portfolio.
4. Time Table
A maximum of 2 weeks is given to accomplish each module. For the current course, there are 2 modules; hence a maximum of four weeks is expected. Approximately rating will be released.
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