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junaid khaliq

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Recovery

What is recovery?
Four processes have to be satisfied before exhausted muscles can perform to optimal level
Replenishment of myoglobin stores
Slow cpomonents
Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption
Need to replace ATP and remove lactic acid is known as oxygen debt or EPOC
Restoration of muscle stores
Fast components
Slow components
Slow components concern the removal of LA from the muscles and blood

Fatigue and recovery
- Restoration of muscle phospohgen stores
- Removal of lactic acid
- Replenishment of myoglobin stores with oxygen
- Replacement of glycogen
two major components of EPOC are ....
Fast components
- alactic acid oxygen debt -
Amount of oxygen required t synthesis and restore muscles phosphogen stores .. ie?
Slow components
- lactic acid oxygen debt - Amount of oxygen required to remove LA from muscle cells and blood
During 3 minutes of recovery EPOC restores almost 99% of ATP and creatine phosphate used during exercise
Oxygen used to synthesize ATP and PCr that have been exhausted after high intensity exercise
Removal of lactic acid
LA is carbolized and removed resulting in feeling of pain and burning sensation in the muscles
Half of LA is removed after 15 minutes ...and most is removd after 1 hour
Can take several hours depending on intensity or whether athlete was passive and active during recovery
Post exercise ... liver synthesizes LA into gylcogen while rest of body removes small amounts of LA through ..
During exercise ..oxygen in mygcloin is used up (quickly) and additional oxygen is required after exercise to pay back any oxygen that is borrowed from myoglobin
Replacment of glycogen
Myoglobin .. oxygen-storage protein found in muscle
Depends on type of exercise
short distance - high intensity - 2-3 hrs
Long endurance - several days
Is most rapid during first few hrs after training
Complete restoration of glycogen stores speed up with high carb diet
Symptoms and changes
Depletion of energy stores
Effects of waste products
Nueromuscular fatigue
EPOC - fast and slow
Fast - restoration of muscle phosphogen and removal of LA
Slow - replenishment of myoglobin and replacement of glycogen
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