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Evolution of Bulletproof Glass

No description

Samantha Lee

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Evolution of Bulletproof Glass

By Samantha Lee and Destiny Wimbush
Period 8 Evolution of Bulletproof Glass It was originally made from laminated glass There were no patents on this until October 30, 1962 It was invented by Edourad Benedictus The most important type of engineering to this development, is a ceramic engineer. They deal with polymorphic, which is the main thing bullet proof glass is made with January 1, 1903, bulletproof glass was invented September 1, 1939 bulletproof glass was in WWII January 1, 1942 the bulletproof parade car came out Some major changes
Instead of laminated glass, polyvinyl butyray (thick plastic)
polycarbonate, aluminum oxynitride, and many more are used to make the glass The global impact on the society is people feel more safe with bullet proof glass
It is made up of recycled plastic One positive thing is people are safer than before One negative thing is the glass may not always have 100% protection and it has a social impact on customers and bank tellers. Some future innovations
can be an all black tinted window, but only on the outside
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