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Anne Frank´s Timeline

By Arturo Anzaldua #2 8E

arturo Anzaldua

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Anne Frank´s Timeline

By Arturo Anzaldua
#2 8E Anne Frank´s and World Events´
June 12, 1929- Anne Frank was born. World Events 1930-1932
Nazi party begins its rise to power (blames Jews for Germany’s lost on WW1). 1933- The Franks decided to flee Germany and go to the Netherlands. Anne Frank´s Life World Events January 30, 1933- Adolf Hitler became chancellor of March 10, 1933- First concentration camp is established by Nazis. World Events April, 1933- First anti-Jewish law banning public employment of Jews. Germany. World Events September 15, 1935- Nuremberg Laws are passed, non-Jews and Jews can’t get married. October 25, 1935-Germany and Italy form an alliance (the axis). World Events Summer, 1937- the Val Pels family flee Germany for the Netherlands. Anne Frank´s Life g December 8, 1938- Fritz Pfeffer flees Germany to the Netherlands. World Events March 12-13, 1938- German Army invades Austria. World Events September 29-30, 1938- Munich Agreement allowed Germany to annex part of Czechoslovakia. November 9-10, 1938- The Night of the Broken Glass, Jews were harmed and killed. World Events March, 1939- Germany invades and occupies most of Czechoslovakia. September 1, 1939- Germany invades Poland. France and GB declare war on Germany two days later (WW2 starts). Spring, 1940- Germany invades, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France. World Events September 27, 1940- Japan joins the Axis. World Events June 22, 1941- Germany invades the Soviet Union. December, 1941- The US enters war on the side of the Allies after Japan attacks the U.S. navel base at Pearl Harbor. Anne Frank´s Life June 12, 1942- Anne receives a diary for her 13th birthday. July 6, 1942- Margot got her deportation letter and the Franks went into hiding, a week later the Val Pels joined. November 16, 1942- Fritz joins and becomes the eight member of the Secret Annex. Anne Frank´s Life World Events January, 1942- The “Final Solution” is announced, “exterminate” or murder on concentration camps with gas chambers Jews and non-Jews, millions. Anne Frank´s Life August 4, 1994- Nazi Police raid the annex and the members were sent to concentration camps. September, 1994- Mr. Val Pels dies in Auschwitz. World Events June 6, 1994- D-day. Allied forces land in Normandy, and launch an invasion of western Europe. Anne Frank´s Life 1945- Edith Frank dies in Auschwitz, three weeks later Otto Frank is freed when Auschwitz, is freed by the Soviet Army. Anne and Margot die in Bergen-Belsen few weeks before the camp being liberate by the British Soldiers. Peter Val Pels dies in Mauthausen. Mrs. Val Pels dies in Thersienstadt. World Events May 8, 1945 – War in Europe ends with Germany surrender to the Allies. August 14, 1945- Japan surrenders after US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. THE END

Thanks for watching this presentation.
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