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Chapter 10 Section 3: Self-Rule for Canada, Australia and New Zealand

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Nicole Sutherland

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 10 Section 3: Self-Rule for Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Why ? Canada Grows Europeans in Australia Achieving Self-Governing Canada Achieves Self-Rule France lost Canada to Britain
After American Revolution, 30,000 British moved to Canada.
Made two provinces (Upper-British and Lower-French Canada)
Rush for equality--> revolts
British pass Union Act of 1840- joined two provinces into one with an elective legislature.
Canada grows from European immigrants -> for protection from the US, Britain makes Canada into a dominion (Self-governed nation Dominion: In 1867, Canada became a self-govern nation
Indigenous: The original people of Australia
Penal Colony: A place, usually isolated, where criminals were sent to be punished.
Confederation: Unification of other colonies
Metis: native Americans and French Canadian mix.
Why did these countries gain independence quicker than African and Asian countries?

Self-Rule for Australia, New Zealand And Canada Influenced by the US, Canada attempted to find an national identity, but failed due to the division between British and French Canadian
Canada also had a period of westward expansion and also pushed Metis off Canadian land.
For a time, Australia was too distant for Europeans
Australia was Inhabited by indigenous tribes called the Aborigine.
England makes Australia a penal colony-convicts are sent to establish settlements
Government pushed British to inhabit by offering free land
Gold Rush in 1851 --> Population boom
Aborigines were pushed off their land or killed to make way.
Australia was made of scattered colonies
Britain unities colonies to make Australia
-Quickly grants women the right to vote
-Constitution is modeled after US and Britain's
-First country to introduce secrete ballot (voter's choices are kept secrete)
Vocabulary Common language and cultural roots with the British.
White, unlike non-white, were believed to be more capable of self-governing. New Zealand's Story Maori (native New Zealanders) were living in concentrated, small areas where they settled down to farm.
Europeans were drawned to its rich soil and slowly invaded.
Maori defended their land, but eventually lost due to disease and alcoholism.
Population went from 200,000 to 45,000 in 20 years.
By 1907, New Zealand won their independence
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