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Jere Brophy

No description

Krista Poole

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Jere Brophy

Jere Brophy
Wanted to provide teachers with strategies on how to motivate all their students

Believed that there is an overemphasis on motivating students by trying to make education fun
Research focused on straying from the fun aspect and more on the learning

Believed that curriculum should focus on understanding, appreciation, and life application
Classroom Strategy Study
Teacher Expectation Effects
Teacher's expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies

Teacher's beliefs about student's academic potential could impact student's achievement in positive or negative ways
Brohpy performed studies how those beliefs transformed teacher practice and ultimately student outcomes

Socialization is essential
Student Motivation in Learning
With overemphasis in motivation to make learning fun, there is misinterpretation that learning is a game in order to keep students interest

Curriculum and goals must be accomplished with sustained attention and work

Ensure students understand the value of the learning

Teachers help students set realistic goals, and learn to take satisfaction from their progress
Born in Chicago

Bachelor's Degree from Loyola and PhD in Human Development and Clinical Psychology from the University of Chicago
Training in clinical psychology and human development

In 1990, he was named University Distinguished Professor of Teacher Education and Educational Psychology from Michigan State University

Published "Teaching Problem Students", "Motivating Students to Learn", co-authored "Looking in Classrooms", as well as much more

Jere Edward Brophy
Classroom Strategy Study
"If they enjoy it, it's a bonus and that's fine and I am all for it, but even if they don't enjoy it, there are good reasons for them to learn given material and therefore to work at it."

"I like to use the words like meaningful, worthwhile, satisfying, valued, and appreciated. Those are the right kinds of words to describe the affective response of children when they are learning the way they ought to be learning."
Brophy's research has enlightened teachers to keep in mind that they must keep their students engaged in their work and to help them learn

Reasons for what is being taught indicates the importance of learning

Proper reasons provided allows students to understand and take learning seriously
Need to learn how to utilize and implement strategies to set expectations and ensure motivation

Establish a focus in understanding, appreciation, and application

Implement the reasons and values of learning

Exemplify the characteristics through socialization

To gain success in our students
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