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Great Depression and World War II Continuity and Change

Grade 10 History - Habiba Salem

Habiba Salem

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Great Depression and World War II Continuity and Change

Great Depression and World War II:
Then and Now

During World War Two, the only communication soldiers were able to have was through letters but today we can communicate with soldiers through phones, Skype, Facebook and other types of social media. People used to get news from radios and newspapers.
Types of Communications Today
Food was very rare during the Great depression especially during World War II. There were no supermarkets, you had to go to different shops for different items. Soldiers used to eat canned food that does not last too long and does not taste good.Food was not available all the time and there was no variety. Mothers,for example, had to make breads for their families but now there are supermarkets everywhere and you could go and buy food and bread. We also have original, gluten free, ethical, multicultural foods and fast food! Today, food lasts longer and there is variety because the economy now has money so we are able to have supermarkets and types of foods.
Food Today
During the Great Depression, men used to waste their money on alcohol because they had nothing to do so they were depressed. Alcohol was the greatest problem during the Great depression, over-consumption caused weakened health, and caused immorality and unemployment. Even though alcohol became prohibited, men started to make their own alcohol and some started to import alcohol illegally. Now, we have rules and for one to have alcohol they must have an ID and must be at the age of nineteen (it differs in some countries). Alcohol in shops are controlled by the government therefore not many people abuse alcohol as those who were in the Great Depression.
Types of communications during World War Two
Social media
Cell Phones
Online News
Food During WWII
Alcohol During The Great Depression
Alcohol Today
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