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Harry Potter Animal Cell/AP Bio

No description

Juli Avila

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Harry Potter Animal Cell/AP Bio

Actual Nucleus
Headmaster Dumbledore
Nuclear Envelope
Protego Maxima
Nuclear Envelope and Pores
Golgi Apparatus (Cis and Trans)
Hogwarts Express
Golgi Apparatus
Cell Membrane
9 ¾ Platform
Cell Membrane
The Sorting Hat and Headmasters
Moving Staircases
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Common Rooms
Rough ER
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Forbidden Forest
Smooth ER
Potions Class
The nucleus contains the cell's heredity information and controls its growth and reproduction
The genetic material are organized as long DNA molecules that contain a variety of proteins to create chromosomes
Human red blood cells lack nuclei, while other cells have one nucleus, many or none at all; this can be the result of a normal process that other mammals have to go through or of faulty cell division
This magical school known as Hogwarts contains all the students (proteins) and where they can grow and develop into better witches and wizards
The students experience much of their influence here to determine who they want to become as they continue to explore their magical instincts

The nuclear envelope is a double membrane structure that surrounds the nucleus in eukaryotic cells, which is embedded with nuclear pores that allows certain molecules to enter into and out of the cell
The envelope contains two lipid bilayers: the inner nuclear membrane and the outer nuclear membrane
In mammals, the nuclear envelope can breakdown within minutes that will then follow the early stages of Mitosis
A protective enchantment (Protego Maxima) covers the entire school from evil outside that is very strong from letting anyone surpass it
If anyone tries to break it down, it will look as though there are "firework craters" on the surface of the protective shield
The nucleolus controls what takes place in the cell by making ribosomes from proteins and rRNA and sending them off throughout the cell to finish this process
It plays roles in the assembly of signal recognition particles and in the cell's response to stress
It also senses the transport of human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV‐1) messenger RNA.
The Headmaster of Hogwarts is Albus Dumbledore who is in charge of how the students behave by giving them certain rules they need to obey to be safe in the school
Headmaster Dumbledore wants to guide and help the students any way possible to be their very best in the future
The cytoskeleton provides the entire cell's framework and shape
It is a dynamic structure that has parts that are constantly destroyed and reconstructed
It can deform the cell and its environment, allowing the cell to migrate
Hogwarts is held together by magic that is structured to provide the students a place to learn and grow as witches and wizards
Everything from Hogwarts and what is not passed the protective shield is made with some form of magic
Mitochondria provides energy within the cell
Their most dominant role is the production of ATP that is shown by the large number of proteins in the inner membrane
Autism is a form of a Mitochondrial disorder, which is transmitted from a female to her children
Wands define who a witch or wizard is and gives them the capabilities to perform magic
They are needed to perform magic, especially used as self defense
The Golgi Apparatus modifies, sorts, and packages proteins for the process of secretion
It is also a major site for carbohydrate synthesis
It is not very clear the transport mechanism proteins go through when traveling the Golgi Apparatus, but there are two models in mind:
Cisternal maturation model
Vesicular transport model
The Hogwarts Express arrives at Platform 9 ¾ to bring the students safely to Hogwarts
This train provides delicious snacks and fun for the students to enjoy while they are on their way
Vacuoles are storage units found in cells
They get rid of any harmful materials toward the cell, contains waste products,and maintains an acidic internal pH
They also aid in the lysis and recycling of misfolded proteins that have begun to build up within the cell
Students carry around trunks with their assorted items from home to bring with them to Hogwarts
They can store anything in there that they do not want left out as a mess in their room
Centrioles are two small organelles found in animal cells that help the cell divide
Before DNA replication, cells contain two centrioles:
Mother centriole
In the process of Ciliogenesis, the
Mother centriole
determines the position of flagella and cilia
Once the students arrive at school, they divided into four different Houses that describes their personality and who they will become in the future
They become more at home once they are placed in their particular House
Ribosomes serve as the main primary site for protein synthesis
They are classified as being "free" or "membrane-bound"
Ribosomes from bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes differ in size and structure that allows some antibiotics to kill bacteria while leaving human ribosomes unaffected
Once the students (only for First Years) arrive at Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat will be placed on their heads to determine which House they will be placed into
The Headmasters of each House will then guide the students to become good examples of the witch or wizard who the House was named and modeled after
Microvilli are cellular membrane protrusions that increase the surface area of cells and minimize any increase in volume
They are packed with enzymes that help with the breakdown of complex nutrients into simpler compounds that are easier to absorb
They also aid the migration of white blood cells
There are moving staircases at Hogwarts that allow the students to proceed to their destination
These staircases move any direction and expand and minimize any size they please to fit certain entry ways
The Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER) is studded with protein-manufacturing ribosomes, giving it a rough appearance
It works with the Golgi Apparatus to target new proteins to their regular destinations
They include integral membrane proteins that stay embedded in the membrane as vesicles exit and bind to new membranes
Each House has a common room where the students gather and socialize with their fellow students outside of class
The Heads of each House stay with their students to keep a closer eye on them so they do not fool around in the common rooms
The Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (SER) is known for synthesizing lipids, phospholipids, and steroids and is not studded with ribosomes, giving it a smooth appearance
It carries out the metabolism of carbohydrates, drug detoxification, attachment of receptors on cell membrane proteins, and steroid metabolism
It also regulates calcium ion concentration in muscle cells
The Heads (ribosomes) are never found in the Forbidden Forest on the outskirts of the castle because of how many scary animals live there
These animals will basically eat anything in site that comes their way
Lysosomes are organelles that act as a waste disposal system by digesting unwanted materials in the cytoplasm
They contain more than 50 different enzymes that are active at an acidic level of 5
They are also responsible for a group of genetically inherited disorders called lysosomal storage diseases (LSD)
House-elves always clean up the students' messes after they have eaten in the Great Hall
They can even eat any of the leftover scrapes of food if they please
The cell membrane separates the interior of all cells from the outside environment
It is selectively permeable to ions and organic molecules and controls the movement of different particles into and out of the cell
The cell uses a lot of different ways to pass materials into and out of the cell: Osmosis, diffusion, protein channels, endocytosis, and exocytosis
In order for students to ride on the Hogwarts Express, they must enter Platform 9 ¾
This platform protects the ability to enter the school that only witches and wizards may run through
Peroxisomes are involved in the destruction of very long chain fatty acids
They evolved from bacteria that invaded larger cells, which turned into a symbiotic relationship
Peroxisomal disorders typically affect the human nervous system as well as many other organ systems
Students are assigned to take Potions class in Hogwarts where they can brew different potions using different materials
Some of these materials can be fatty, which will be crushed down into a new substance
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We hope you enjoyed your stay at Hogwarts!


From, Juli Avila & Audrey Orr
Let us take a journey into the Wizarding World...
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