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Super Bowl Creative Touchdown

No description

Tarek Demashkieh

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Super Bowl Creative Touchdown

So what is the Super Bowl anyway? When men with big muscles run after each other to catch a ball; which also happens to be NFL’s Championship Game SUPER BOWL
FACTS First ever Super Bowl played was in 1967

The game is played on the first Sunday of February each year SUPER BOWL
FACTS The winning team will receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy SUPER BOWL
FACTS Super Bowl has consistently delivered a television audience of over 100 million American viewers for each of the last 12 years, 1992—2003

In 2012, the number of viewers is estimated to be 111 million. SUPER BOWL
FACTS It is the second-largest day for U.S. food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day 4,000 Tons of popcorn and 11.2 million pounds of chips consumed  71.4 Million pounds of avocados are eaten 48 Million people will have takeout or delivery food. 4.4 Million pizzas are ordered 1.2 Billion chicken wings are eaten  SUPER BOWL
FACTS Halftime shows are a tradition during football games at all levels of competition.

In Super Bowl, it has become so popular that it increased the viewership during and after the halftime show SUPER BOWL
FACTS The halftime show in 2004 was the most controversial when Justin Timberlake removed a piece of Janet Jackson’s top, exposing her right breast.

Timberlake and Jackson have maintained that the incident was accidental, calling it a “Wardrobe Malfunction" The 2012 Halftime Show of Super Bowl XLVI headlined by Madonna was the most-watched Halftime Show ever, with 3 million viewers more than the actual game! 1967 - 1978 1989 - 2008 1979-1988 What are some of the Super Bowl TRENDS? Because of its high viewership, commercial airtime during the Super Bowl broadcast is the most expensive of the year. Watching and discussing the broadcast's commercials has become a significant aspect of the event.

61% said they paid more attention to ads that run during the game than to other television ads.

52% of viewers discussed the ads next day Continuous increase in the price of a single TV spot
Spots are getting longer
The use of social media platforms growing
The pre-release strategy goes mainstream
Brands taking over Digital Engagement Banned Commercial Strategy ERA I: Ads That Sold Stuff Shot Lock by Master Lock ERA II: Ads That Entertained ERA III: Ads Became Social Budweiser Wassup Coca Cola – Mean Joe Green 1984 Apple Macintosh Automotive Category Consumer Product Category Services Category TV Category Case Study Doritos. In 2007, the brand launched a contest inviting consumers to "Crash the Super Bowl" with consumer generated ads, asked the world to vote, and winner to be crowned ad being aired during Super Bowl XLI.
As it turned out, the voting results were too close to call and Doritos aired two of the submissions, buying another ad slot just before the game.
In the years since, the competition has taken on new twists. The 2009 contest came with a bonus of $1 million for the winner if their video took the number one spot in the post-game advertising polls. Evolution of Super Bowl Ads Case Study On Sunday, February 1, 2009, Denny's offered all of America a free breakfast the next Tuesday morning.
Indeed, the risk seems to have paid off at 1,541 Denny's restaurants throughout the country. The restaurant claimed that it surpassed the estimated audience of two million people - easily exceeding the 1% benchmark of giveaway success. Sunday's game had about 98 million viewers."
Estimates for the entire promotion - TV time, eggs, bacon, and coffee - came close to $5 million. The chain realized a return on its investment within a month. During the Super Bowl traffic to GoDaddy.com spiked by 378 percent, and a survey conducted one and then two days after the Super Bowl found that the Go Daddy commercial was the most memorable of all spots that ran during the game.
It was the story of Fox's decision not to air the commercial a second time, however, that proved most useful to the company.
The buzz surrounding the brand in the game's aftermath—measured as "share of voice," the percentage of times that Go Daddy was mentioned in stories about the Super Bowl that ran on national,cable, and the top 50 local TV networks—was calculated at 51.4 percent between February 7 and 11, 2005. Go Daddy received nearly $12 million in free publicity, and many of the TV stories about the incident replayed portions of the commercial. Case Study Q 1: The most expensive airing of a 30” spot was scored in 2012. How much did it cost?
A – 3 Million $
B – 3.2 Million $
C – 3.5 Million $
D – 3.8 Million $ Q2: What was the price of the spot in the first event that happened in 1967?

A – 5,000 $
B – 37,500 $
C – 43,800 $
D – 69,000 $ Q3: The Super Bowl in 2012 became the most watched TV event in America’s history. Who held the record previously?

A – WWF Wrestle Mania 1997
B – M*A*S*H Finale Episode
C – Oprah – Finale Episode
D – American Idol Finale 2009 Q4: Super Bowl viewership comes second worldwide as a yearly sport event. What is the first?

A – Classico: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona
B – Cricket: Pakistan vs. India
C – NBA Final
D – Champions League Final Q5: What is the estimated number of Americans who call in sick on Monday after the Super Bowl?

A – 1 Million
B – 3 Million
C – 7 Million
D – 19 Million Q6: In 2012, the 46th Super Bowl was Roman numbered as XLVI. In 2064, how would the 97th Super Bowl be written in Roman numbers?

D – XXCXVII Q7: On average, how many days in advance are Super Bowl plans made?

A – 9
B – 13
C – 27
D – 41 Answers Q1: C- 3.5 Million $
Q2: B- 37,500 $
Q3: B- M*A*S*H Finale Episode
Q4: D- Champions League Final
Q5: C- 7 Million
Q7: D- 41 ERA IV: Ads Became The Product 2009 - 2012 Great Advertising Ingredients Criteria for Great TV Ads Criteria for Great TV Ads Criteria for Great TV Ads Criteria for Great TV Ads Criteria for Great TV Ads Criteria for Great TV Ads Criteria for Great TV Ads Criteria for Great TV Ads Criteria for Great TV Ads 1 - Simple insight & human truth 2 - Dramatizes the brand character 3 - Evokes emotions (excite, laugh, smile, cry) 4 - Excellent production values 5 - Drama and scale 6 - Captivating music 7 - The product and branding fit naturally 8 - Engages the viewer in the story 9 - Campaignable: over media and over time Criteria for Great TV Ads 10 - Casting
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