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unbroken presentation

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noah radatz

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of unbroken presentation

Important characters
louis zamperini- olympic track star who gets drafted into the air force during world war two
pete zamperini-
brother of louis,who pushed him to become a better person and go to the olympics.
-born in 1917
-grew up stealing and vandilizing
-brother pete rehabilitated him and turned him into a track star.
-eventually went to the berlin olympics and met hitler,and stole a nazi flag.
-got drafted into the air force and became a airman.
-louis was shot down in the pcific and survived over 40 days at sea with his pilot.
-was captured by the japanese and eventually sent to naoetsu pow camp.
-was freed after the atomic att
Liberated pow's
"suddenly, the man beside him swerved in and stomped on his foot impaling louie's toe with his spike. a moment later, the ahead began kicking backwards, cutting both of louie's shins."
louie ended up winning this race only seconds away from the world record,showing under horrible odds you can still succeed.
"the plane was so clumsy that it was difficult to fly in the tight formations that were critical to fending off attack."
this describes the plane louie was assigned to during ww2, the plane was notorious for being horrible, but louie and the rest of the crew piloted it better than the prefered bomber of the time.
Important themes
determination-louie works hard to achieve his goals and doesnt give up.
forgiveness-louie betters himself and everyone he hurt forgives him and cheers him on.
survival-louie survives a long time at sea and in pow camps.
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