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The Leprechaun, Rachel

No description

janet Spence

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of The Leprechaun, Rachel

The Leprechaun Appearance Origin -first appeared in 1604
-came from "Leath
-or "Luacharman" Habitat -live in Ireland
-live in forests and trees
-live under large bushes
-live near the town Thurles
-live in Tipperary County -wear mostly Green
- beards
-approximately 3 feet tall
-carry a walking stick
-carry 2 leather pouches -not just native to Ireland
-can only escape if no one saw them
- There are no female leprechauns The Leprechaun
families By Rachel Did you know... -split into Cluricauns
and Leprechauns
-Cluricauns borrow
or steal a lot.
-night form of the leprechaun Characteristics -clever
-gruff What the leprechaun
does -job is shoemaker
-grants wishes if caught (their power)
-protects pot of gold What's green, green
and green all over
and 3 feet tall?
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