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In-Text Citations using MLA Format

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Amy Bruneau

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of In-Text Citations using MLA Format

In-Text Citations using MLA Format
What is MLA?
Print Sources with Multiple Authors
How to Cite...
General Guidelines
MLA In-Text Citation
Print Sources with a Known Author
How to Cite...
In-text citation:
Giving credit to the source in the body of your paper
What is In-Text Citation?
Single space between the name and page number
MLA: Modern Language Association
Other Citation Formats:
Legacy uses MLA format.
KNOW: Cite sources in Work Cited
LEARN: Citing within text (In-text Citation)
Also known as Parenthetical citation
Required to avoid Plagiarism
In-text citation:
Allows the reader to reference your Works Cited section to find the entire source just cited.
Source: placed in parentheses ( ) right after the content used.
For example
The dictionary defines homework as work and school lessons to be completed at home (Merriam-Webster 421). I, however, do not receive any homework for Physical Education. This petition is to change this fact.
Author's name used in the sentence
Name is not required in the citation
For example:
Suzanne Collins describes her character from
The Hunger Games
, Gale, as having "straight black hair, olive skin, and gray eyes" (8).
Author's name NOT used in the sentence
required in the citation
For example:
The character from
The Hunger Games
, Gale, is described as having "straight black hair, olive skin, and gray eyes" (Collins 8).
: In-text citations follow quoted material. If the quote is in the middle of the sentence, the citation should be too.
Single Author: in-text citation would appear as:
There are 12 districts in Panem (last name page number).
For example:
There are 12 districts in Panem (Collins 5).
Source with 2 or 3 authors
List last names as listed in the book
For Example-2 Authors:
Learners must be more active in an online course (Boettcher and Conrad 7).
For Example-3 Authors:
Learners must be more active in an online course (Boettcher, Conrad and Grosz 7).
: With 2 authors "and" is used.
: With 3 authors, a comma and "and" is used.
Source with 4 or more Authors:
List the last name of the 1st listed author and then "et al".
For example 4 or more authors:
Learners must be more active in an online course (Boettcher et al. 7).
How to Cite...
Sources with Identical Last Names
If 2 or more authors share the same last name, include the first initial of their first name.
For example:
Students are diligent and resilient (J. Smith 24).
Determination is a common trait among the younger generation (P. Smith 41).
: This distinction allows one to reference the correct source in the Works Cited page.
How to Cite...
Print Sources Without Listed Author
No Author:
Replace the author's name with the title of the work
Short Sources: Place in Quotations
For example:
Strong study habits are needed in college ("Preparing for College" 6).
For example:

Students need to form strong study habits in middle school (When Should You Begin to Prepare for High School and College 112).
Longer Sources: Place in Italics
How to Cite...
Online Sources with Authors
Listed author? Use the same guidelines.
Cite the author's name following the quoted or paraphrased text.
For example:
A movie for the book
is due to be released in March 2014 (Jones).
: Page numbers are not required when citing online sources.
How to Cite...
Citing Online Sources without Authors
No Author? Is it a credible source?
Use your skills of A, B, C, & D of Website Evaluation.
.gov .edu

: Other cites may have high credibility, but may require a deeper evaluation of the site.
Trustworthy Cite
The title of the website or online article replaces the name of the author
For example:
Students read more willingly when they have found a genre that interests them (Scholastic.com).
: How the source is listed on the Works Cited page is how it should be referenced in the in-text citation.
For Example:
Scholastic.com. What Makes Students Read. Web. 4 Feb. 2014.
(Scholastic.com) = In-text citation
In-text Citation Practice
Use these notes
In Class Practice
Details in Citing...
Omitting Words within a quotation
Citing only a portion of a sentence?
Use an ellipsis (
) to show a section was omitted
Original Sentence
"Gale gave me a sense of security I'd lacked since my father's death" (Collins 111).
Words Omitted
"Gale gave me a sense of security..." (Collins 111).
"Gale gave me a sense of security...since my father's death (Collins 111).
Details in Citing...
Changing a Word within a Quoted Sentence
Changing any words from a direct source?
Use brackets
[ ]
to show a word or words have been changed.
Original Sentence
"He taught me snares and fishing" (Collins 111).
Words Changed
"[Gale] taught me snares and fishing" (Collins 111).
: "He" may not leave the reader understanding the information where changing the word to "Gale" clearly identifies the character intended.
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