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Cold War Jigsaw

No description

Alex Garcia

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Cold War Jigsaw

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•A foreign policy adopted by president Truman

•Policy of blocking soviet influence stopping their expansion of communism

•Policies included forming alliances and helping weak countries Domino Theory
•President Eisenhower , described nations as a row of dominoes

•The Fall of one to communism would lead to the fall of its neighbor

•Became another justification for US foreign policy

•Us helped out many poor countries in order to keep democracy and stay as a super power
Policies of Containment

Ch 14 Section5

Alex Garcia

Iron Curtain
•Represents Europe divisions between dem. Western Europe and communist eastern

•Actual wall between east and west Germany

•Iron curtain speech made by Winston Churchill
The Truman Doctrine And The Marshall Plan
•Truman doctrine March 12,1947

•Outlined a new policy to congress

•Rooted the idea of containment 400 million dollars in aid to turkey and Greece

• Marshall plan was proposed by US secretary of state George Marshall (1947)

•Assistance programmed provided food, machinery, other materials to rebuild western Europe

•12.5 Billion dollar program, huge success Yalta Conference
Feb. 1945

Leaders of US, Britain, and Soviets met at soviet Black sea resort of Yalta

Winston Churchill, FDR, Joseph Stalin

Divided Germany into zones controlled by allies

Germany paid reparations to soviets

Stalin agreed to join the war against Japan and promised free elections Location of Yalta Curchhill Stalin FDR Yalta Conference Truman delivering Iron Curtain Speech Iron Curtain Marshall Plan Sources
Google Images Purple History Book Alliances of Cold War
Money given for Support Falling Dominoes
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