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Literary Term

No description


on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Literary Term

Literary Term
Flashbacks can be both good and bad, but either way they make the person remember something about their life that happened in the past.

A part of a story or movie that describes something that happened in the past.
A common way that flashbacks are shown in movies or T.V shows is by a thought bubble with the flashback within the bubble.
Another way flashbacks are shown is when it looks like someone just woke up from a nightmare and is screaming, this is also common in movies and T.V shows.
When They are Used
Flashbacks are commonly used when the author or script writer wants something dramatic or important to the story be remembered, they might also use them to make a memory a focal point of the story.
Flashbacks are used in movies, T.V
shows, and literature but are most
commonly seen in the digital
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