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The Roman Colosseum Fun "Fun Facts"

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Russ Long

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of The Roman Colosseum Fun "Fun Facts"

The Roman Colosseum By Giovanni Longo Mock Sea Battles Mock Sea Battles in Rome were done in the Colosseum. They would flood the Colosseum with water and fight to the death. The winner would be paid and keep his own life. Animal Hunts In ancient Rome animals would be killed for entertainment. All types of animals were hunted or killed such as, elephants, bears, bulls, lions, leopards, giraffes, tigers, monkeys, camels, antelope, crocodiles, and ostriches. Colosseum Awning The awning of the Colosseum was consisted of Roman shades which made sailcloth in canvas or linen or cotton attached to spokes of rope. It could be extended or retracted with ropes and pulleys according to the position of the sun. To Help Build The Colosseum Building of the Colosseum was strongly influenced by 2 of Rome's great inventions - concrete and vaulted arches. Concrete was made by mixing volcanic rock called pazzolana with rubble, sand, and a mixture of limestone. Concrete was added with stone in it as a cautionary measure.The vaulted arches made the ceilings much stronger than a flat ceiling would have been. Vaulted arches made of concrete made the building stronger without adding to much excessive weight. The Colosseum probably wouldn't have been built without concrete and vaulted arches. Colosseum Executions There are many nasty ways to die and the Colosseum was one place a nasty death was used for entertainment. The victims usually consisted of criminals, Roman Army deserters, rebels, traitors, runaway slaves, and Christians. If someone was to be executed and was a Roman citizen they would just be beheaded. If they were not a Roman citizen death was usually crusifixsion, burning, and being thrown into the Colosseum with beasts. One very terrible way was being used as human torches to light the Colosseum. Another not so fun way to go was to go was being tied to horses and being dragged to death. As if this way of dying wasn't bad enough some people were usually tortured before being killed. These deaths were to show the Roman empire was not to be messed with. Lets not add any pictures...
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