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History of the English Language

No description

Katie Host

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of History of the English Language

Old Engli Old English
(450-1100) Before the invasion, the Brits spoke Celtic languages. After Roman rule ended, Britain was invaded by several tribes from what is now Germany.These people brought their native languages with them. Middle English
(1100-1500) Early Modern English
(1500-1800) Though French was spoken by many wealthy people, the lower classes preferred their books to be written in English. During this period, the English language changed drastically due to vowels being pronounced shorter. Late Modern English
(1800-present) The Renaissance The Restoration Mouse potato-used to describe a person who spends a lot of time on the computer New English words! Agritourism- the practice of touring agricultural areas to see farms and participate in farming activities The 1800s marked the beginning of a new era for the English language. Due to various events, such as the Industrial Revolution, new words were rapidly being added. The Victorian Era England was eventually taken over by the Normans, who were from France. Like the Angles and Saxons, they incorporated their vocabulary into the English language. Victorian era literature focused mainly on the events of the Industrial Revolution. Other topics included revolting against society and the roles of women of the time. During the Renaissance, the English language expanded with the addition of words from other languages, such as Latin and Italian. The famous writer William Shakespeare is from this time period. The Romantic Era English in the Modern World The Romantic Era saw an increase in creative writing. Many Romantics wrote stories that criticized some part of public life. The Restoration was an important period for writing. Although religious writings were the most common, stories were becoming more popular. There have been many events, such as both world wars, that have impacted modern writers. Stories as well as nonfiction are present in today's society.
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