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Untitled Prezi

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Kianni Figuereo

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

and it's lessons! The modern
14 stations
of the cross... The second station: The third station: The eighth station: The first station : Jesus is condemned to death. Children who are born with diseases such as cancer People discriminate you because of your color, religion,gender or race. Jesus takes up his cross Being bullied, judged, or even discriminated are all but burdens placed upon us that we have to deal with. But its so important to carry our own crosses of burdens each and everyday. We must rise taller and taller and remain strong. Jesus falls the first time You've experienced a tragic death in your family. You feel broken. You try and re-try to pick back up all the pieces but some how it seems to slip right through your fingers. It's important to believe in yourself, especially at times like these.Without stumbling we can't experience the joy of getting backup. The fourth station: Jesus meets his sorrowful mother A comforting friend True Friend

Friend gives you smile
But true friend gives you happiness

Friend will lie about you
But true friend won’t tell your weakness

Friend knives your back
But true friend will slog your face

Thousands friends come when you’re happy
But only one true friend comes when you cry

Friend comes when he needs you
But true friend comes when you need him

Friend leaves when everybody does
But true friend comes when everybody leaves

Friend comes and leaves
But true friend is yours forever
By Clara Odelia Ciutara Think about the many times you were upset and hurting but had the shoulder of a parent or good friend to console you and tell you they love you. Through all hardship it is people who love you who will make a difference in your pain. Having close,loved ones is intrinsically connected to your happiness and therefore they are the true treasures in our lives.

I think this poem best sums up what I'm trying to say... The fifth station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross An assisting hand In our lives we get dragged into circumstances we know nothing about, but participate anyway out of fear. Sometimes, fear of disagreement can put us into precarious situations which are not to our benefit, so we must consider carefully,who's burdens we're willing to take on in life. The sixth station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus A random act of kindness. It takes a true ,courageous person to step-up and defend a victim that's being picked on, simply out of the goodness of their heart. A little goodness can unexpectedly go a long way. Just remember, that person may not reward you for your brave,kind act but God; who sees all, will. The seventh station: Jesus falls a second time In debt Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem Putting others before ourselves It's very difficult to put others before ourselves especially when we are dealing with problems of our own. As we go through this roller coaster of life,remember to take care of yourself and venerate your needs,but also help others along the way. Be there for others but never leave yourself behind. -Dodinsky The ninth station of the cross: Jesus falls the third time Suffering from depression You are in that depression stage. Everything in your life seems so stressful and you can't find that inner peace and happiness, you once had. But no matter how difficult,no matter how much you want to give up,you need to keep on fighting; its not something or someone else that's going to make you stronger, only you can do that. Only you can experience that joy and pride you earn when you are back standing on your own two feet with confidence in yourself, knowing you can defeat anyone or anything in your path....

Getting Backup

Ain't it all crazy, life and all.
Give your everything but in return all you do is fall.
Feeling smaller than a cell, my back against the wall.
I'm just sitting on my knees, nothing to do but crawl,
Back on my grind, despite these hard times
Cause some things just aren't simple, like some nursery rhymes
You have to look deep within and see what you find.
Cause the soul of a man that confides is typically one that dies.
Too much bottled up can make a strong man cry.
A plane without some fuel is one that cannot fly.
So reach your inner peace and confront all of your lies.
Because happiness and unexpressed feelings simply cannot coincide

Alex Say. The tenth station: Jesus is stripped of his garments. Forgiving those who have hurt us Let's say your most trustworthy friend has betrayed you. You find it so hard to move forward and grow from this. It's important to forgive those who have hurt us so that we won't continue to relive our own pain.We should not dwell in the mistakes people have made to wound us.

Forgiveness is a state of letting go of the misgivings people have brought upon us, therefore it comes directly from the soul but it is medicine for the heart and mind.

Just remember,God is a forgiving God....so why shouldn't we be forgiving as well? The twelfth station: Jesus dies on the cross The thirteenth station: Jesus is taken down from the cross Lamentation Mourning is a sad experience of death and something we all eventually go through. Take every advantage you get to spend time with the ones you care for and tell them you love them. Appreciate every precious moment you have with them because you never know what the day of tomorrow will bring. It is not their fault that they are born this way. Like Jesus they carry out those burdens that have been placed upon them. Even though they are not responsible for it. Miracles or coincidences? Scriptures say that when Jesus cried out, breathed his last breath and died on the cross,that in that very moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two,from top to bottom. Could this coincidence be a true sign from God and have actual significance? These "coincidences" that offer wisdom or enlightening that happen to us should be considered as miracles, God has blessed us with. Instead of complaining and worrying to death about the little problems we have, we should thank God we're not like some people who are on the streets or starving.
The world is filled with imperfections and the definition of enjoying life is not being happy. It's challenging your strength and our job is to confront it. Abused animals Justice is taken away from animals and people everyday. Abuse, rape, and unfairness are all but factors of injustices. I think this poem best symbolizes the lesson of this station. Justice is Just This

What is justice?
This unapparent fairness
Supposed to combine rather than divide
Just a word that likes to hide
This unapparent fairness
What is justice?

Justice, is between you and if you are righteous
And you might just be righteous,
But you don’t have the intelligence of the truths of real justice.
Justice, is merely impossible because we have created injustice.
And just this.

It may be a tongue twister to read
But justice is a twist of the tongue indeed
A twist of the lung, you can’t breathe
A twist of the fun, full of hypocrisy and greed
A fake term misused, abused of its creed
Our mouths say justice, but injustice is what we really speak
And just this.

What is justice?
This unapparent fairness
Supposed to combine rather than divide
Just a word that likes to hide
This unapparent fairness
What is justice?
Just a word, and just this.
Aadil Malik The eleventh station: Jesus is nailed to the cross Dear Viewers,
Kianni gives credit to poemhunter.com,and google images. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!! The fourteenth station: Jesus is laid in the tomb Bury the dead Everyone deserves to be buried with honor and respect,no matter what kind of person you are:to being FBI's most wanted to being the president of the U.S. I believe that everyone on this planet deserves the same, equal amount of respect. No human being is more special than another being; we are all equal in God's eyes, and we were made in his image, and his image only. This prezi has been created by and only by Kianni Figuereo!
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