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Lion City

No description

Johnathan McNurlen

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Lion City

Lion City Strategies
Lion City
Bow Distribution
Violas mm 14-22
1. Have students experiment with changing the amount of bow used ASTA 1.1C.3.5
2. Have them airbow
3. Have them stop at the end of upbow on beat 1 of m 15 and ask them if they are at the frog. Same for beat 2 of m. 17 be at tip and at m.19 downbeat as well.
Cellos measure 15-20
1. Chant rhythm patterns on a neutral syllable
2. Perform patterns on an individual note
3. Do a movement sequence that includes macrobeats, microbeats and subdivisions
All from ASTA 2,2B,2.3
Violin 2 m.49 shift to 2nd position
1. Use replacement shift from 1st finger D to second finger D out of rhythm
2. Tune the new D with the open string
3. Practice from the finger that is down, to the same finger in the new position ASTA 1,1B,2.3a
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