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What is PBL?

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JaDorian Tate

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of What is PBL?

What is PBL?
Project Based Learning
How does PBL Work ?
PBL is a teaching method where the focus is shifted away from the teacher as the presenter of information, to YOU as active learners. You will be challenged to learn through the completion of a project built around solving multiple problems. You will investigate issues, analyze information and data, and develop YOUR OWN conclusions that lead to recommendations and/or solutions.
You will be assigned a group. Your group will decided on group norms and sign the group contract.
You will also be introduced to the project, project requirements, and rubric.
In this protocol you will Identify the what you know about the project and what you need to know to complete the project.
After you have completed the Know/N2Ks you will begin research.
In this protocol you will research your N2Ks. You will also write research summaries to explain what you learned to your group and teacher. You will spend the most time in this protocol.
Team Roles

Materials Manager
Time Manager
Communication Manager
Project Leader
In this protocol the you will use your research to create and refine your product/presentation. You will be critiqued early and often to ensure that you stay on track.
In this step of the protocol you will share out the final project .
How will I be graded?
progress checks, tests, and dailywork.
district exams and projects
This is where most of the student learning takes place.
While students are researching, teachers will hold workshops and give students DIYS.
Students will then be given progress checks over the information .
IF a students does not do well on the progress check they will be given a second workshop during class or in tutoring. They will also be given a
second opportunity
to take the progress check.

Workshops and DIYS

Teachers take the students who do not understand the information and teach it to them using traditional methods.
Sometimes students just need a little guidance in understanding the information. DIYs are activities that students do by themselves.
When they have completed the DIY students are given the opportunity to check their work with a key.
If student does not do well on a DIY, the student should request a workshop.
Do it
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