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Air Pollution Presentation

Endri Kambo

Endri Kambo

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Air Pollution Presentation

5th Hour Advanced Earth Science
Endri Kambo
Air Pollution
What is Air Pollution? (2)
Air Pollution: Contamination of the air by smoke and harmful gases, such as carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen.
Sources of Pollution (3 Kinds)
Mobile Air Pollution
Other Vehicles
Stationary Air Pollution
Incinerating waste produces carbon monoxide,
Aerosol sprays,
Paint fumes,
Oil Refineries
City pollution
Created By:
Most Air Polluted Places in the World (2012-2013) (4)
1. Ahwaz, Iran
2. Ulan Bator, Mongolia
3. Sanadaj, Iran
4. Ludhiana, India
5. Quetta, Pakistan
6. Kermanshah, Iran
7. Peshawar, Pakistan
8. Gaberone, Botswana
9. Yasouj, Iran
10. Kanpor, India
United States:
1. Bakersfield, California
2. Hanford, California
3. Los Angeles, California
4 Visalia-Porterville, Calif.
5. Fresno-Madera, Calif.
6. Pittsburg,Pennsylvania
7. Phoenix, Arizona
8. Cincinnati, Ohio
9. Louisville, Kentucky
10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1. Beijing China
2. Mexico City, Mexico
3. Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil
4. New York City, New York
5. Washington, D.C
Pollution in Large Populations:
Air pollution is caused by Gases which are: Carbon Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides and Sulfur Oxides. These gases, again, come from exhaust from vehicles, planes, and smoke from oil refineries.
Air Pollution: The Breakdown (5)
Cans of fresh air being sold in China
The air quality in Beijing is so bad, people are required to wear masks for their health.
Notice the hole in the ozone layer growing year by year!
How does it Effects Humans? (8)
Air Pollution Affects the Health of Humans.
Because the ozone layer is being worn away every year, we are more susceptible to the Sun's harmful UV Rays which could cause cancer in humans
Air pollution causes acid rain, which overtime, can ruin the concrete in buildings and stain the metal on your car. Repairing these damages caused by acid rain is very costly. ($$$).
Natural Pollution
Windblown dust and sandstorms
Fog and smog
Volcanic Ash from eruptions
Other small natural forms
Cons and Disadvantages (7)
Air pollution leads to atmospheric pollution which causes acid rain and this destroys plants and buildings.
Acid rain affects the fresh water, ponds and lakes. This destroys the aquatic life such as Fish. Fish eggs are not able to hatch If the water is acidic.
Soil biology is affected too. It kills the microbes in the soil, which helps plant growth.
The rate of oxidation increases.
Insects Die
Vegetation is severely damaged.
What Causes Air Pollution? (3)
****** Freebie Slide (6) ******
Interesting Facts: (9)
4% of deaths in the United States are contributed from Air Pollution. (so if 2,400,000 of Americans die of all causes each year, then about 95,000 of those deaths are from air pollution!)

London's "Great Smog" was one of the worst air pollution incidents in history. it Killed 4,000 people in six days, and 8,000 more people died within the next couple of months due to respiratory injuries.

The Clean Air act of 1970 reduced air pollution emissions significantly:

* Carbon Monoxide emissions fell from 197 million tons to 89 million tons
* Nitrogen Oxide emissions fell from 27 million tons to 19 million tons
* Sulfur Dioxide emissions fell from 31 million tons to 15 million tons
* Particulate Emissions fell by 80%
* Lead Emissions fell by more than 98%
London's "Great Smog" (Dec. 1952)
Because The Capitol is such a large and modern city, they produce unexplainable amounts of air pollution. This makes the air so bad, the air is dangerous to breathe.
Now The Capitol has created a device called "pollution pods" taking in the polluted air from the capitol, and distributing the air into the other districts. This causes even more revolt from the people other districts. Now, The people are living in poor, polluted, dirty, places with little to no amounts of food and water.
Influence on Panem: (10)
Citations: (11)






Desonie, Dana. "Chapter 5." Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Its Effects. New York: Chelsea House, 2007. N. page 38. Print.
Air Pollution is EVERYWHERE!!! But here are a few key places around the world and in the U.S
"The Air Pollution Cycle"
Where does it mostly come from??
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