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MER1 Talk#2

No description

bjorn borja

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of MER1 Talk#2

Rather, we are a couple together. And we are supposed to work as a pastoral team.
Members have clearly stated roles and functions.
it is God's
So you are a pastoral team together. God has given you the task of building a strong family.
We all have been called to serve God through
our marriages.
What does "Team" mean?
Our role as a pastoral team
over the family.
Why is it
to operate as
a team?
Marriage Enrichment Retreat
Talk # 2 - Christian couple as a Pastoral Team
In this task, we are not alone as individuals. And we do not simply do what we want to do.
What do we
mean by
"Pastoral" derived from the word
pastor. Another word for shepherd.
Jesus used the word shepherd to refer His relationship to peoples He cares for. (Jn 10:11-12)
Ako ang mabuting pastol. Iniaalay ng mabuting pastol ang kanyang buhay para sa mga tupa. Ang upahan ay tumatakas...palibhasa'y hindi siya pastol at hindi kanya ang mga tupa.
Jesus again used the same principle of relationship when He installed Peter as leader of His flock (Jn 21:15-17).
Feed my lambs
Look after my sheep
Tend my sheep
Thus a pastor is one who cares for the people under him.
And what he gives is total care.
Members have clearly stated roles and functions.
complement one
They are united
and cohesive.
The work that the pastoral team does
"pastoral work"
. Such work is to take
care of people as though feeding and
caring for sheep.
Man needs
and woman
needs man
(1Cor 11:11).
Each one is
incapable of
fulfilling God's
plan alone.
We need to
that being pastors
mean a number
of things.
For the
sake of
Because it
of joint
It connotes
total care,
just like a
caring for
the sheep.
The nature of sheep is such
that if no one cares for
them, they easily get lost,
get caght in thickets,
are prey for wolves, etc.
It presumes dedication and love for the "sheep".
It is not another job. We are not just hired hands.
Sometimes we can
presume love (as a
parent for a child), but
often times there is a
lack of dedication and
total giving.

It includes the
proper exercise of
authority, which is a
manifestation of a
love relationship.

It infers priestly duties and
an accountability to the
Chief Shepherd which is the Lord.
We are priests in the family and have the task of bringing those we care for

closer to God.
We do not exercise our priestly duties in any old way, but recognizing that we are acting on behalf of Jesus, the chief shepherd. We are held accountable.

It infers that the

family is a domestic church.

as per St John Chrysostom, Vatican II and Familiaris Consortio.
As pastors over the domestic church, we need to set some essential elements in place.
That Jesus is the
Lord of the Home.
Everything in the home must
clearly glorify the Lord
: decorations, speech, music, entertainment, books, etc.
More in Talk # 7
That there is a conversion to Christian values and relationships.
A personal conversion to Christ ought to be seen concretely in the way the family lives, and in the way members of the family relate to each other and to other people.
Where is the place of money?
What are the priorities of the
How does the family use its
Where is it going? On the way
to heaven?
That there is unity and order, achieved through the faithful observance of the Christian roles of men and women.
God created man different from woman. comlementarity rather than competition is the rule
(Gen 2:18).
Man and woman have their proper roles.
Eph 5:222-23. 1 Cor 11:3.
This is God's governmental provision for the family.
Neither of them is capable of fulfilling God's purpose for the human race apart from the other.
More in Talks 3 & 4
That the family is properly connected with the larger segment of the church.
A family cannot sustain itself without the support of other families.
This is the importance and
necessity of CFC for our Christian family lives.
Practical steps to take as a Pastoral Team
Conversion to Jesus and acceptance of Him as our presonal Lord and Savior does not mean that everything gets converted to the plan of God. We need to take pactical steps in order for our families and homes to undergo an ongoing process of transformation.
Make time as husband and wife to talk
Husband and wife have to share and grow in unity of heart and mind in caring for the family. This can happen through regular conjugal dialogue.
We recommend that you do this one-to-one on a weekly basis.
More in Talk #5
Make Time to be a Christian family.
Bless the children.
Have your regular Lord's Day celebration as a family.
Do some relational type of family recreation
(if possible weekly).
Spend some meal times together as a family.
Make pastoral plans for the whole family, for each member.
You are often ruled by circumstances when you have no plans or directions. Usually, making such plans can simply mean knowing what the family is supposed to do to be more Cristians and pursuing it.
In the case of each child, character formation is usually involved.
Pray, fast and intercede
Have daily family prayer.
The building of a strong Christian
family requires some spiritual effort. Open your homes to God's outpouring of strength and wisdom and grace.
Know that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. Eph 6:10-13
Satan will oppose our efforts, because his whole dominion of society could crumble.
This task requires God strength and power. thus let us constantly invite the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us for this task.
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