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Life Skills Food prezi

Karelian stew

Kyle Cooper

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Life Skills Food prezi

Karelian stew- Finland
The main languages spoken are Finnish and Swedish. In addition to this, most Finns know many other languages, which they are usually too shy to speak. The national dish is Karelian Stew. Most Finns value silence in speech unless they have something important to say. Finns value silence as a sign of power. Silence is a normal part of a conversation sometimes.
Recipe for Karelian Stew
•300 g chuck Steak
•300 g Pork shoulder
•300 g stewing Lamb or mutton
•2-3 onions
•1 1/2 tsp salt
•8 allspice
• water
Karjalanpaisti national food (dish) of Finland


Cut the meat into cubes (4x4 cm). There is no need to remove small bones. Put the meat and coarsely chopped Onion in layers in a casserole, seasoning each layer with salt and allspice. Add enough water to almost cover the meat. Bake without a cover at a moderate temperature, c. 175 °C, for 2 1/2-3 hours. Cover the casserole towards the end of the cooking time. Serve with mashed Potato, boiled swedes and lingonberry purée.

Where is it?
Cultural background
and facts


The flag of Finland, adopted on May 29, 1918, is white with a blue cross offset to the left-hand side. White represents the snow of Finland, and blue represents the country's lakes.

Finland was the first European country to give women the right to vote.
The national instrument of Finland is the kantele, a stringed instrument played with the fingers.
Public telephones disappeared from Finland in 2006; nearly everyone has a cell phone, making public telephones too expensive to maintain.
In 2010, access to broadband internet became a legal right.
For two thousand years Finns have taken sweat baths in different forms for different purposes such as religious ceremonies, healing illnesses, bodily cleansing, and even just relaxation. The sauna is a large part of Finnish culture.
Karelian Stew
Due to the scarceness of meat in the past, the hot pot was traditionally only prepared for festive occasions. As meat became more readily available during the 20th century, the dish became a common, everyday food throughout Finland. In 2007, it was selected as the national dish of Finland by the readers of the Finnish tabloid Iltalehti; (translates to Evening Magazine).
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