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Govermment of Lebanon Julian,Antonio and Sebastian

No description


on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Govermment of Lebanon Julian,Antonio and Sebastian

Government of Lebanon
The Leader of Lebanon
The leader of Lebanon is Michel Suleiman the current president of Lebanon. General Michel Suleiman is a Christian ex-commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces. He was sworn into office on May 25, 2008.
What is the leader' s job
The leader of Lebanon makes laws and has the power change laws. He also needs to try his best to make the country better and safe.
How Long are the Leaders in Power
The leaders have six years of power before the next election for a president and the old president can not be reelected.
How The Leader Comes into Power
The people choose 120 representatives that choose 30 members of the assembly (ministers) to choose a president.
How are Laws Made
The judges discuss the law with the representative and they vote for the new law.
What Happens if a Law is Broken
Jail, the time in jail depends on how serious the crime. It can be from three months to the rest of the person's life.
The people go to jail it depends on how serious is the crime from 3 months to all their life.
Why does a country need a government
The country needs a government so there is law because if there is no law people will go crazy and will do stuff that now are illegal like selling drugs, killing, stealing, disrespect property, etc. We also need the government to be safe.
In Lebanon there are 18 different religions and the limit of representatives is 120 representatives.
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