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Chocolate River Rescue

book report for class

Navneet Mundi

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Chocolate River Rescue

Chocolate River Rescue What was the book about? Beginning Ending Middle Three boys Tony, Shawn and his little brother Craig are forced to go outside and enjoy the cold winter day. The boys decide to go to "The Chocolate River". The river was muddy the color of chocolate so they called it the chocolate river. The boys were standing on a piece of ice which broke and the boys were stuck on the ice floe. The current was pulling them toward the ocean and if no one saved them in time they will freeze. The boys were freezing and the water was way to cold to swim in. so they waited for help hoping people were trying to find them. On the other side Petra, a 12 year old girl runs to her uncle who is a firefighter. Her uncle gets hurt so she takes the boat and arrives to the boys. But there was a problem the motor of the boat had broken down and the currents were so bad that they could not get back. Two of the boys become very weak because they fell in the water and were getting sleepy. Petra had her first aid kit and Shawn help her make a tent with a space blanket that would keep all the heat and wind out. The two boys need to stay dry and warm or they might freeze. Now the real problem started. How were the 4 kids get back in the freezing and dark weather. While Tony and Craig were sleeping in the tent with the dog for heat. Petra and Shawn made a candle using the items there had. They saw police lights b=and yelled help but the police could not hear them. They both go to sleep but are waken by noise. They all notice the helicopter in the sky but again the helicopter did not see them. But Petra knew that the helicopter would come back. So they made a plan to make a torch. The kids took one paddle and wrapped gas dipped bandages on it. They lit it up just in time for the helicopter. But Petra noticed something......... Petra noticed a wave forming on the side on the boat. She warned the boys and they had no idea what would happen now. Shawn still stood in the middle of the boat with the torch. Petra, Tony and Craig called him but the wave hit and they all went flying and Shawn fell in the water. He could feel his body go numb and Hobart with him in the water. Then a man reaching to Shawn from the helicopter pulled Shawn up. Shawn fainted and woke up in the hospital. The other kids were fine but Shawn got sick but would be fine. The other told him what happened after he fainted. Hobart was fine too. Hobart even got the name VID which meant very important dog. Two weeks later the kids have a party where all the members of the rescue team were invited and VID. They all eat chocolate treats and talked. Then everyone walked to the river and Shawn hugs the other boys and says it cool how my heroes are also my best friends. Shawn, Petra, Tony and Craig all enjoyed the night while the river slept. The end Why did I chose this book? Was it a good choice? Why or why not? This book was a good choice because it was interesting and it was one of those book that you just cant stop reading and you want to read more. Also it was a good book because in this book it shows how team work and effort is important. Without the kids working together they would have not survived. I chose this book because it looked very interesting by the cover and the name was very good. Also at the top of the book it said that this book is "A heart-pounding adventure inspired by true events" I read the back of the book and I really wanted to find out what happens to the boys and how the river got its name. Analyze the main characters There were 4 main characters and the dog Shawn: He was a 13 year old boy who loved to build and had a room full of inventions. He wanted to grow up and build roller coasters.

Craig: He was 9 years old and Shawn's younger brother. He would go up and try the roller coasters his brother built. He also loved anything fast and would try anything once.

Tony: He was Shawn's best friend and he could not stay still, he had a mini trampoline in front of the TV so he could jump while watching.

Petra: She was a 12 year old girl who loved sking and wanted to be a firefighter when she grew up. She was very smart and knew lots of cool facts

Hobart: He was Uncle Daryls big Newfoundland dog. The dog loved going to new places. Make Connections to relationships and the world Connections that I have with this book are :

Text-Self: I am 13 like Shawn and I have a 9 year
old sister like Craig and my best friend would be Tony

Text-Text: I have never read a book like this but i watched a movie about 3 friends stuck on a ski lift

Text-World: This relates to the world because first this book takes place in Canada and also this book is inspired by real events. I did my book report on the book: By:Jennifer Mcgrath Kent Thanks For Watching :)
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