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Ancient Rome

No description

erica cropper

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Geography Rome is near the Italian Peninsula
This land leads all the way from Southern Europe to the Mediterranean sea. There are mountains called the Alps that Seperate Rome from the rest of Europe Another mountain range called the Apennines that goes through the middle of Itally Rome's Geograghy is like Greece's
they both have hot summers and mild winters Italy is a region that is called Latium, which today is dry.
but in ancient rome it was green and healthy. The Tiber River flows through Rome and goes into the Tyrrhenian Sea Origins Romans had two myths about how Rome was founded. one myth was written by a roman
poet named Virgil, he claims that a Trojan worrior named Aeneas escaped from troy when they were beaten by the Greeks. He traveled to Latium, there he met a latin princess and married her. poor people get powerful The top officials of the plebeians assembly were called Tribunes. Particians represent the upper class Roman society. The Republic is a government in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials. The Plebeians wanted a written law code and in 450B.C.E the government made the first writtren law code in the republic. These law codes were called the Twelve Tables The twelve Tables of Roman Law The Roman Replublic consuls were the highest officials in the Rome's
government. check and balances means keeping everyone branch of a government from gaining more power than others. tripartite means three part Republic is a government in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials. The senate was second in the Roman government,it was kind of like an Oligarchy. They advised consuls, controlled finances,and passed laws. The senate Consuls or Magistrates The second myth was about two twins named
Romulas and Remus. this myth startes at about 300B.c.E
it is mixed with Greek and Roman Mytholigy plebians were poor and had no power at all. Growth of the Republic A Tactic is a method used to acheive a
short-term goal such as winnig a battle. The first Punic war was in 264B.C.E when the Romans tried to conquer an island called Sicily that belonged to Carthage. The war ended 20 years later and carthage eventually gave Sicily to the Romans. After that other wars happened between Rome and Carthage. first punic war
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