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Pulp and Paper

Everyday Chemistry

Emily Semple

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper (everyday chemistry) Pros And Cons Environment

you can recycle paper.
paper can degrade faster than plastic.
cutting down trees is bad for the environment.
the factories + machines produce lots of pollution.

General Purpose

you can write on paper.
you can print stuff onto it
gets wrecked by water
rips easily


it is sold everywhere (almost)
you can re-use it (if it is in pencil)
good paper can be expensive
it costs money

Fun Facts 1. The USA and Canada are the largest producers of paper in the world.
2. Recycling one ton of paper saves about 17 trees.
3. Sales for toilet paper world wide reached more than 3.5 billion dollars in 1995.
4. More than 95% of paper is made from wood cellulose. Careers involving the Process There are many careers in the paper industry. Some of those are; equipment operators, scientists, engineers, foresters, managers, accountants, computer programmers, and digester operators. I am going to talk about the job of the digester operator.

The digester operator is in charge of the large kettle-like digesters that break down the woodchips through chemical action, heat, and pressure. The digestor operator decides the amount of chemical to be used, sets the cooking temperatures and pressures, and controls the cooking. Much of this work is done by computer. Other Area of Intrest Boxes are made out of cardboard, but whats wrong with paper?

We use cardboard for boxes because cardboard is stronger, it doesn't wreck if it gets wet, and it doesn't break as easily.

Imagine having a cereal box made of paper. It would rip because of the weight of the cereal, the cereal would come through cracks, and if you accidentally set the box in water, it would be ruined. Cardboard however doesn't rip from the weight, there is no cracks, and water doesn't ruin the cardboard as quickly.

So as you can see, cardboard is more suitable for boxes. Chamicla Reactions in Pulp and Paper The main chemical reaction in pulp and paper would probably be; the "Kraft" delignification process, which uses sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide to chemically remove lignin. This is expessed as;

Clay, CaCO3, Talc, TiO2 ect. make the paper have higher brightness and better prinability.

Rosin, alum or a combination of other chemicals are used to make paper water resistant. References www.answers.com

SIC 2611 Pulp Mills (encyclopedia) By Emily Semple
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